White Hair Dye

White Hair Dye – HairChalk With Shades of White Set of 6 Hair Color Sticks Review

If you have chosen to go for white hair dye then HairChalk With Shades of White Set of 6 Hair Color Sticks is one nice product you can try. In this article I am going to tell you more about the product, so as to help you decide if it is the right product choice for you or not.

white hair dye

A little bit about the product

This is a temporary hair dye meant for those who don’t want to stay white for too long (I mean, who wants to, anyway?).

white hair dye4


There is absolutely no hassle in using this product as the procedure is rather easy to use compared to most other temporary hair dye products; you get complete and detailed instructions included with each pack, just in case you feel lost.

white hair dye1

The advantage of using this white hair dye is that: as it is made of hair chalk you can get your hair dyed with white hair dye quite easily because the process is not to tedious and involved; likewise, you can also wash off the hair with just as much ease – in fact, this white hair dye would be gone from your hair after you wash your hair once or twice, unless of course the natural color of your hair is of a lighter tone!

Even though it is a temporary hair dye, you should not think that you won’t get bright, vibrant and brilliant results as you would from permanent hair dyes. Not only the color is bright, it is capable of making any type of hair shine, whether your natural hair color is of a dark (no bleaching is required) or light tone! On top of that, this color is not toxic at all!

white hair dye2

When you purchase this product, not only you get the product itself wrapped in shrink, you also get freebies such as cape and PVC gloves with your purchase, to ensure that the hair dyeing process is free from mess!

The uses for this white hair dye vary: some want to just get a touch of white on their hair on occasions such as Halloween, others use it to change their hair color for stage or film acting roles. Be what it may, when it comes to white hair dye, HairChalk With Shades of White Set of 6 Hair Color Sticks is really the go-to product!


On some types of dark hair the chalk may not work as expected; also, depending on your hair type, the chalks may flake out. Another thing to note is that the picture of white hair dyed female that you see on Amazon is not the kind of result you would get from this white hair dye.

white hair dye3

That said, if you are looking for a quick, hassle-free way to color your hair then this product is a great choice. After all, it is not only free from toxins but also does not make your hair sticky unlike the other hair dye products! Plus it is easily removable too, in case you change your mind.

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