100+ Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

100+ Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair Video Tutorials and Style Inspiration

All of us wants to look lovely for our wedding day. Of course that includes the hairstyle aside from the gown and the makeup. We have seen many different wedding day looks that would surely make us want to walk the aisle. But one’s hair could be treated differently depending on the length of the hair, hair color and hair type as well. But then again, whatever that is, we have to make sure that we would look great on that special days.

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I have seen so many wedding hairdo on Pinterest and they all are very gorgeous indeed! Since I know that there are many ladies out there who will be getting married soon, then I thought of creating a round up of wedding hairstyles for short hair so you can get ideas on what to do with your hair. Some ladies with short hair would worry thinking that they won’t get that gorgeous look they always wanted because of their short hair. But that is not true because even short hair could look really breathtaking when done in a creative and fashionable manner.

With that, here are some wedding hairstyles video tutorials for you. For sure, you will find it easy to follow the step by step instructions in the videos below to achieve the look you want. Or you can also get inspiration from video compilations on various hairstyles for short hairs.

1. 2 Fab Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

This two-minute video will show you how to style your short hair by merely using a band around it for the first style and by tying your hair in three bunches. Then add some fresh flowers to your hair for a lovely look.

2. 30 Choice Beauty Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you are not yet happy with the simple hairstyle on the first video, here are 30 wedding hairstyles for short hair that will surely fuel you with so many ideas. Take a look at the photos in the video and choose one that you like best!

3. Wedding Hairstyling Video – Short Hair Updo

In this video, you will see how a short hair updo is done by merely using a curling iron. You will be surprised when you see the result!

4. 35 Lovely Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

This time, you will see 35 wedding hairstyles for ladies with short hairs. Yes, you can look very fabulous even if you do not have a long hair!

5. Bridal Hairstyle for Short Medium Long Hair Tutorial Weddings Prom

Another easy tutorial on how to do your own hair that is perfect for special occasions like proms or weddings. Yes, you don’t need to go to the salon all the time. Sometimes, you can do it at home!

6. Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair – 30 Best Ideas

The secret to get a lovely short hair for weddings is by adding lovely hair accessories. You can see that in this video of 30 hairstyles. For sure you will be able to choose one in this video.

7. How-To for Short/Medium Hair | 5 Easy Updo Hairstyles (No-Heat)

Now this is cute! You will see how five updo hairstyles are being done in this video. Just follow the step by step procedure and you will surely get a lovely hairdo!

8. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here is another video with so many wedding hairstyles inspiration for short hair. Sometimes, you actually just have to leave your hair that way and add a gorgeous hair accessory.

9. Wedding Hairstyles 2015 for Short Hair

Another video with so many stunning hairstyles. You will see how a certain hairdo looks differently depending on the shape of a woman’s face. Hence, you have to pick one that would look really nice on you.

10. Bridal Hairstyle for Short, Very Short and Bob Cut Hair

A video tutorial of how a woman’s short hair was done. It does look kind of hard but it sure is achievable! But this one used some hair extensions and it looked very gorgeous!

Stunning right? Yes, even if you have short hair, you can still get the bridal look that you always wanted. Just use the above videos as inspiration for your look!

So for ladies who are getting married, Best Wishes and be the most beautiful bride on that very special day!

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