Watermelon Hair Trend

Watermelon Hair Trend

When it is summer time, what will come to your mind are relaxing beaches and getaways as well as refreshing drinks and fruits. And since we are into fruits, you’d be surprise to know that even a fruit has inspired hair color which they call the watermelon hair trend.

watermelon hair

If you feel that the hair trends you see are already boring and dry for you, then there is a new juicy trend that you can try. This fruit-themed hair trend will give you a refreshing new look combining the colors of the watermelon and the best place to find people wearing the colors are in Instagram.

Different tones of red and green were used together for their looks. Some even really copied the look of a watermelon by adding black dots that represent the seeds. But the entire look is totally creative indeed! And no doubt, it is a great way to lighten up your hair this summer! For inspiration, here are some photos of the watermelon hair color trend:

Un sueño ?? #watermelonhair ??? por @camilaypunto para una muy favorita @isarocklight22

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#Bubblegum #pink #hair~ I love it! #watermelonhair #pinkhair #sidepony

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Good hair days make my world a much happier place. #goodhairdays #watermelonhair

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@beckyrose414 Mini’s new hairdo? Hahahaha #dedication #watermelonhair #melonheadcoogee #newuniform

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It is summer indeed! And if you want to have that summery feel in your looks, then this watermelon hair trend will be best for you. Well, as you can see in the images above, there are many ways to wear the colors on your hair. Hence, choose he one that will look great on you.

After seeing these images, it made me wonder if there will still be other fruit-themed hair colors that will become the next trend!

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