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Top 4 Unique Hair Colors for You

If you re reading this article, then I am sure you have gotten bored of the ‘same old, same old’ hair coloring ideas which everybody else seem to suggest. Well it is time to break out of the mould and do something really crazy: paint your hair with a color people won’t expect you to! This is a great way to make heads turn around and get others to notice you, if that is what you want. In this article I will discuss some of the most unique hair colors you can try out this season. The downside is that most of the unique hair colors I am going to suggest in this article require a lot of work on your part for the purpose of maintenance; they also require frequent bleaching. The short and sweet version of the story is: if you are lazy or don’t have enough spare time to spend on looking after your hair’s health then maybe this article is not for you!


Unique Hair Color #1 – Bold Red

Going red is one of the best ways to start attracting the attention of others. Whether you are a natural redhead or not, you can go for it. A red hair does not look unnatural at all and is guaranteed to give you the bold and awesome look you so much desire for. The downside? Well for starters, it is extremely hard to maintain red color because this is one of those hair colors which fade off fast; secondly, you cannot go for just about any red color as not all colors would look equally good on you. You need a professional hairstylist to tell you which red color would match your eye color and skin tone. Sorry but playing with red is not an amateur’s job!

dark auburn hair 1


Unique Hair Color #2 – Audacious Blue

If you think that red is not your cup of tea, here is another ‘bold’ color suggestion for you: blue. Ever since blue has been popularized by Kate Perry more and more women are opting for a blue hairdo. However, there is one problem: just like the red color, blue also fades away rather quickly, unless of course, you perform the necessary chores to maintain your hair color!


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Unique Hair Color #3 – Vibrant Purple

If you thought that going purple would make you look dumb then you could not be further from the truth! Purple is an extremely bright color which would look gorgeous on most, if not all women. Purple is best suited for those whose hair color is naturally dark. Even as little as a tinge of purple can do wonders for your hair!

unique hair colors 2


Unique Hair Color #4 – Tame Gray

If you want to go for a tamer, less bolder color then gray must be what you want. You know that one day you are gonna get old anyway so why not start sporting a gray or silvery white look from right now? If your hair’s natural color is black or brown then it would need a lot of bleaching before it is ready to embrace the gray color. Once you have gotten your hair bleached to the lightest hue possible, you would want to use a blue and white toner in order to get the desired look.

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