Unique and Colorful Undercuts

25 Surprisingly Unique and Colorful Undercuts

Sometimes, you will be played by other people whom you think are wearing “normal” hairstyles when their hair are down. But what you do not know is that they have a secret underneath and that secret is amazingly mind-blowing!

This is what we can an undercut. From the word itself, it means that it is a cut made under the hair and guess what, you can actually do anything on it because 1) it is hidden and 2) it is your hair, who cares?

Well, if you are thinking that this is just the usual undercut that you will see, you are totally wrong. Let us look into these unique and colorful undercuts from Instagram.

1. This cute blue kitty cat.

2. This pink and yellow pattern.

#pravanavivids ?? #undercut

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3. This wild leopard print.

Fresh buzz and leopard print for this beauty! @itsleahnichole always fun time ✨

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4. This purple web that will shock Spiderman.

5. This heart-shaped void under a blue hair.

6. This sun-styled shaved undercut.

7. This lotus flower design.

8. This mermaid scale colorful undercut.

9. This geometric beauty.

10. This simple undercut design.

11. This creative flower undercut.

12. This shaved diamond.

Before we started “Poetic Justis” we had to freshen up this dope undercut

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13. This hidden UFO.

14. This heartbeat.

#shaved #undercut #shavedundercut #heart #heartbeat #kenracolor #kenra

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15. This colorful mosaic look.

16. This rainbow heart.

17. This huge diamond.

18. This one-eye peekaboo.

19. This modern style undercut.

Undercuts by @_alunam | #scottsdalehair #undercut #modernsalon #behindthechair @modernsalon @behindthechair_com

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20. This funky heart.

21. This wave like design.

Undercut Art …..entry #btconeshot_precision16 #btconeshot_precision

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22. This hidden peacock beauty.

23. This purple geometry under blue hair.

24. This starry secret.

25. And this tribal goodness.

So, what can you say? After seeing this list, there are two things that I guess you would do. First, you would imagine yourself having one of the undercuts above and second, you would definitely get one because you envy these brave folks who managed to get one for their hair.

But you can also just end up feeling inspired and mind blown.

Get Inspired, Get Colored – Get Styled!