Touch of Gray Men’s Hair Color Review

Touch of Gray Men’s Hair Color Review

Looking to give your hair that handsome touch of gray? Just For Men’s TOUCH of GRAY Hair Color may just be what you are looking for. For a small price, you will be getting a pack of 3 essential products necessary to give your hair that masculine touch you’d like to have – Touch of Gray!Just For Men Touch of Gray

Touch of Gray Hair color is an advanced hair color system that works with air oxidation to eliminate some regions of gray hair. The gel formula contains specialized dyes that actively react with oxygen from the air to give an all-natural gray-touch effect on the hair. It is quite easy to use and it comes with its own application comb.

The way salt and pepper looks is exactly what TOG will give your hair. For example, men who have more gray hair than they actually want can make use of this product to get a mix of grey and brown or as the case may be. The way it works, TOG gets rid of the gray hair but not completely but makes for a fine blend of gray and other color.

Just For Men boasts of Air Activ Technology with Touch of Gray hair color as it shuns the usage of traditional ammonia and peroxide which is known to damage hair to some extent and sometimes result in over-coloring. Instead, Air Activ Technology uses oxygen to work a lot more gently and further preserves the subtle natural hair variations to give a striking natural look.


  • Permanent touch of gray up to 6 weeks
  • Perfect salt & pepper look
  • The most natural look
  • Awesome results at each period of application
  • Easy to use gel
  • Easy comb-in applicator
  • Specialized dye for great color quality
  • No peroxide, no ammonia
  • Advanced hair color system with Air Activ Technology for preserving natural hair variations.

It is strongly advised that you strictly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of this product in order not to have experience weird results. Avoid using this product if you have experienced allergies with other similar products. For example, a person with sensitive or damaged scalp may experience severe reactions. Also, stay away from most hair coloring products if you have skin depigmentation problems or white patches appearing on your skin, do not use this or other hair coloring product in order to prevent permanent loss of skin pigment.

A product that will not over-color, damage or make the hair messy is none but Just For Men’s Touch of Gray. The light or medium brown kit is only a few bucks if you order from Amazon store here.