Temporary Hair Dye

4 Hot Temporary Hair Dye Ideas For You

If you are reading this article, then that means only one thing: that you want to experiment with several different hair colors without making any permanent long lasting and flamboyant changes to your hair. Well if I am right then this is the correct article for you. In this article I am going to discuss some of the best, most gorgeous and hottest looking hair shades you can try out on an experimental basis (none of them look egregious on your hair, by the way).

First things first, if you want to get a modern look for your hair, then you need to stop thinking in the old fashioned ways. That means ruling out old color shades like chestnut brown or blonde with honey shades; they are, to be frank, quite passé. You should instead use the bright colors of rainbow for suggesting the perfect hair color for your needs. You can, if you want, dye the ends of your hair with a pink shade or go a little bit extreme with Crayola colors; either way, you are going to look a lot better!

Temporary Hair Dye Suggestion #1: Use clip-ins

If you want to get a temporary hair makeover then clip-ins are the perfect hair extensions for your needs. They are available in several different color shades and require no kind of long term commitment on your part; simply snap them along your scalp for a gorgeous look and remove the extension when you have had enough of it!

temporary hair dye

One reason to use clip-ins is that they are made of natural human hair, so that you won’t ever feel any difference between your hair and this artificial hair extension!

Temporary Hair Dye Suggestion #2: Go for color rub

Do you want to get your hair colored with aqua, pink or orange but don’t want these hair hue changes to last? Yet another temporary hair dye idea you can use is color rubs. These are great looking shades and are available for any kind of color you are looking for; the upside is that you can easily wash them off your hair without the need of expensive hair color removal treatments!

temporary hair dye2

No matter what your natural hair color is, color rubs is gonna make you look awesome!

Temporary Hair Dye Suggestion #3: Use mascara

If neither color rub nor clip ins fit into your idea of temporary hair dye then try out mascara. These gorgeous colors come in multiple different shades so whether you want your hair to look like the color of champagne or want a royal bluish makeover, mascaras are the ideal color choices for you! Not only they add an extra shine to your hair, they also don’t make your hair stained and flaky!

temporary hair dye3

Can anything be cooler than that? And if that is not enough, a mascara bottle comes with a special wand-shaped tool which you can use to give the much needed shade to your hair quite easily!

Temporary Hair Dye Suggestion #4: Use chalk

Here is another temporary hair dye idea for you: get a little bit of chalk, mix it with water and rub the mixture on any part of your hair.

temporary hair dye4

Then use any hairspray of your choice and ask people if they can tell whether your hair dye or real or not!

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