Spring Hairstyles

45+ Pretty Stunning Spring Hairstyle Video Tutorials

Want to be stylish and beautiful this spring? Well, aside from wearing clothes with floral prints and apart from wearing that flower crown, you can also try styling your hair in a way that will make you “spring” with delight because of how lovely you will look like.

Spring is a nice season since it is the time when flowers start to bloom, animals start to wake up from hibernation, bees began to buzz, birds start to fly and everything in nature is once again happy and yes, so colorful! Like animals, plants or insects, you will also feel happy about spring.

spring hair

During winter, you have kept your hair and your head under a hood or under a cap or a beanie because it is too cold. Well, you have a little chance to show your beautiful hair. Now that it is spring, it is your time to flaunt your hair in different styles and colors.

Today, we are going to show you some spring hairstyles through various videos that will teach you how to do it on your own. So, whether you are going out with friends or merely going shopping, you have a hairstyle to wear. Just choose from the videos that we will share below.


Here are five lovely hairstyles you can choose from which are all easy to do!

2. Quick & Easy SPRING Hairstyles

Eleanna shows us different ways to wear our hair in easy ways. Her step by step video is very easy to follow.

3. Quick & Easy Spring Break Hairstyles

A seven minutes video showing many different spring hairstyle that will add glamour to your style everyday.

4. Spring Hairstyle – Ponytail with French Braid!

You’d love to wear this ponytail with a french braid on top of the head! I have seen many ladies with this hair and it looks really nice. Some men with long hair even do this as well.

5. 5 Hairstyles for Spring & Summer

I so like how she used a scarf on her head on one of the hairstyles and some flowers on another. They all look cute and yes, very much girly too!

6. 3 SPRING BRAIDS for When You’re Already Running Late

If you are in a hurry, you can still be stylish with braids just like what you can see in this video. Nothing beats a lovely braid!

7. 4 Easy Hairstyles for Spring

Get four super cute and super easy spring hairstyles in this video of two lovely ladies. Aside from showing us how to do the hairstyle, they also shared what products they used to achieve the look.

8. Butterfly Hairstyle, Cute Spring Hairstyles

Now if you love butterflies, I am so sure that you will also love this look wherein you have to use a ribbon to create the butterfly on her hair.

9. 3 Spring Hairstyles

I always love to see flowers on the hair since I remember how Rapunzel has that when her long hair was braided. This one has something similar to that look.

10. 2 Minutes Spring Twist Hair Tutorial

Just a very quick 2 minutes hair style by twisting you hair!

11. 3 Quick and Easy Spring Braids Hair Tutorial

Still want to see more braids? Here are three different styles that all look so gorgeous when they are done! For sure you would love to try them!

12. Spring/Summer Hairstyles

A cute spring and summer hairstyle collection video showing styles that will also look beautiful on the kids. And kids might even be able to do it on their own as well.

13. Messy Spring / Boho Braided Hairstyle

There is really something about Boho that I like so much! It is just so chic and girly! In this video, we are taught on how to achieve that lovely Boho braided look that is perfect for Spring.

14. 5 Cute and Easy Spring and Summer Hair Styles [Wig Styling]

This lovely lady that looks like Miranda Kerr will teach you 5 cute ways to wear your hear this spring. Well, she looked gorgeous in all of them, I am sure you will too!

15. Spring Hairstyle

Another hairstyle with braids that you would no doubt love to try! Just follow the easy step by step video of Mathilde.

16. ‘Messy’ Updo for Spring {Short Hair Edition!}

Got short hair? No worries! You can still get the hairstyle that you like with this look. You will see that even with a short hair, you can still end up looking so fabulous!

17. Spring 2012: Retro Bouffant

Want a retro look this spring? You can achieve that! Just look into this video and you will be amazed how quick it can actually be done.

18. Easy Spring Hairstyle Tutorial, No Heat. Medium / Long Hair

Here is a super cute way to style your hair for spring! I like all the flowers she used to accessorize her hair. It looks really super fab!

19. Flower Accented Side French Braid / Spring Hairstyles / Bonita Hair Do

OMG! There is a flower on her hair made of her own hair. How did she do that? Watch this tutorial and you will no doubt love the results!

20. Spring Bow Braid – Hairstyle Tutorial

If the previous tutorial used a flower on her hair, this one has a large bow combined with her braids. So, gorgeous indeed!

21. 2016 Spring / Summer Hair Trends

This one is not a video tutorial but a mere compilation of spring hair trends that you might want to see. For sure, you will get some inspiration from here.

I am sure you are now thinking of which hairstyle to do! Yes, you can choose more than one and try each one on a different day. With this, you would no doubt look beautiful everyday and your friends will surely envy you for being able to pull off a unique hairstyle that makes you standout from the rest.

With the videos above, I am certain that you will be able to do your own hairstyle already. All of them look so fabulous and you will look really gorgeous after you try these on your hair.

Can you tell me which of the above styles you like the most and would probably try?

Get Inspired, Get Colored – Get Styled!