Split Dyed Hair: Two Different Colors on Each Side of the Hair

Most hair dyes would color the entire hair in various tones and colors. Others color only the bottom part of the hair while others color from the roots only. Indeed, there are various ways of dying the hair but did you know that you can be more unique by using two different hair dye colors on each side of the hair. This will work well if you love wearing your hair with a split on the middle and it looks great on long hair. No worry if you’re short haired and want to change that. There are various ways to grow long hair fast!

split dyed hair

If you think only Sia could pull off that look with a hair using two different colors for each side, you are wrong. You can actually wear that too. But of course, you have to choose the colors properly so that it will look lovely. So, we gathered some lovely images showing how this kind of hair color can be worn.

1 color side

Rocking a beanie, this lovely girl has a purple hair on the others side and green on the other. And she does look really nice with that color!

two color2
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This image reminds me of Meghan Trainor‘s video with all the pastel colors and retro look. And this is indeed a lovely combination for a hair.

two color3

Looking good, right? Green can also be paired with pink as well.

two color4

And green also looks nice with black! So if you have a black hair, simply split it in half and color the others side with a different color.

two color5

Another gorgeous lady with a green and purple hair but you can see that her hair has more volume. I am sure that if you have a hair like this, you would turn heads wherever you go!

two color6

It is not just the tattoos that made her cool but her pink and green hair! Indeed, the hair can tell other people the type of personality you have.

Not yet happy with what you saw? We have more here from Instagram. For sure, you will feel more inspired to get a hair dye like this after seeing all these photos.

Beautiful mix of colours! Left or right? I love both ? @danabomar #inspirehairstyles

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Wow! Left or right? Two amazing colours on @danabomar #inspirehairstyles

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Edit: yes the buzzfeed picture?

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New haaaaair.

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Don’t tell me that you are still not happy after seeing all these lovely colors! Isn’t it nice to dye your hair on this manner? It may look weird but we cannot doubt that it does look really stunning. Make sure that before you color your hair, you have checked if the colors jive really well together.

Or it would be better if you use the above images as inspiration because you have already seen how the colors work well. But I think pastel colors would be a safe choice.

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