Silver Hair Color

Top 3 Silver Hair Color Tips For You

There used to be a time when older people would use hair dyes to hide their increasingly graying hair; while they still do that, there is an equal increase in the number of younger people who deliberately want to color their hair with the silver hair color! Now, silver is one color which is never going to get outdated, however, ironically it is extremely hard if not impossible to get the silver hair color look that you want!


As silver hair color is a light shade you will need to bleach your hair to a hue which is even lighter than this color; in other words, you would need to make your hair color pale, preferably to a hue that looks close to pale blonde; only then can you achieve the silvery look that you plan to achieve!

silver hair color1

You should make sure that your whole hair is bleached; if the bleaching is done disproportionately then your hair would look ridiculous after you color it gray, as there would be several non-gray patches in your hair! Now in case you are wondering why I suggested you to bleach you hair to pale blonde instead of white, well, you probably know that when you bleach your hair you essentially deprive your hair of its natural pigments; the more you do it, the more you damage your hair.

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If you bleach your hair to a white hue it would mean ridding your hair of ALL pigments, which in turn can damage or burn your hair unless your hair is very short. To be on the safe side, therefore, I recommend that you bleach your hair down to a pale blonde color and then use a hair toner to get rid of the yellowish tone from your hair. This way your hair won’t be as damaged!

What Are Toners

Hair toners essentially tone down the color of your hair by neutralizing the existing color. When you buy a white toner, it would neutralize the yellowish tone of your pale blonde hair by using a purple hue; the end result: you will have your hair bleached to a white hue!

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However, hair toners use only pale colors so that even if you use them you won’t get their hue on your hair; in this case, when you use a white toner, which is essentially of purple color, your hair won’t turn to be purple or violet.

Maintaining Your Gray Tone

Keeping your gray or silver hair color tone is not as easy as you think. If you don’t maintain your hair regularly it is just a matter of time before you would get back the same pale blonde hair color you had originally bleached your hair to.

silver hair color4
If you have colored your hair white, then you should mix a temporary violet or purple dye to your hair conditioner in order to keep that look; for those who have dyed their hair silver, they would need to add a spoonful of bluish color (blue color with a purple rather than aqua undertone) in the hair conditioner.

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