Red Hair Color Chart

Step By Step Guide To Reading A Red Hair Color Chart

No matter how you look like, red is one hair color which can turn you into a sexy siren overnight. There is one problem however: that of choosing the right red color for your hair. Red color comes with many different variations and the key to becoming a sexy, hot chick is choosing a color that suits you in every form and fashion. For instance, which of the following colors do you want to go for – medium copper, bold red, bold cherry, light copper, light bold red, strawberry blonde, dark cherry, auburn, dark auburn, burgundy, dark burgundy, or wine? Confused? Well these are some of the many versions of the red hair color available! If you are not sure about which color to go for, then a hair color chart can help you decide that. In this article I will tell you how to use a hair color chart to get the perfect redhead look for yourself.

Step 1:

If you have ever gone to a beauty salon to get your hair dyed, chances are that you are not unaccustomed to seeing a hair color chart. Usually most hair stylists would hand over a color chart to you so that you and the stylist can discuss about which color to go for and what the desired outcome would be (based on the color selection). Of course there are places online where you can download these colors charts. Here are two such websites where you can get a downloadable version of the red hair color chart:

a) Clairol offers you downloadable versions of a lot of different hair color charts, red being one of them

b) offers a downloadable chart you can use to select the right red color for your hair. To make your job easy, the chart splits the shades into different columns based on whether they are light, dark or medium.

red hair color chart 1


Step 2:

Downloading a hair color chart is not enough, of course; you also need to know how to read it properly. To an amateur, the color chart would look like a collage of different shades with no head or tail. To be able to read a hair color chart properly, keep in mind that the real information is contained in the way the different shades are numbered. While 10 means an extreme light shade of a color, 1 represents just the opposite! Ideally, in order to get a natural look, you would want to choose something in-between these two extremes.

natural hair colors 2


Step 3:

One you have decided on which red color to go for, it is time to find out the natural level of your hair, and then have a consultation with your hair stylist regarding how to adjust it for your current situation. Once you have this information, the next thing would be to decide on which natural hair tone you want to go for. As I said, red hair color comes in several different shades and combinations. Red, orange, red-orange and violet may look like different shades at first sight but they are actually part of same ‘red color’ family!

dark auburn hair colors 4


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