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Top 7 Pretty Hair Colors For Your Needs

If you are looking for pretty hair colors for your hair then this is the right article for your needs. Let us face it, there are way too many pretty hair colors available in the market to choose from, so this article makes your choice much easier by listing only the best of the best pretty hair colors available.

Pretty Hair Color #1: Platinum shade

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Platinum is one of the highest trending shades this year, thanks to Anne Hathaway, who recently got her hair done with this sexy looking shade. If you share your skin tone color with Anne then platinum is gonna rock your hair and offer you the much needed touch of femininity combined with edginess that you strive for.

Pretty Hair Color #2: Dark hair roots

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If you share your skin undertone and hair color with actress Michelle Williams then this option would fit your needs the best. Go for lighter shades for the ends of your hair and keep the darker shades of your chosen hair color for the roots of your hair. See how gorgeous you look!

Pretty Hair Color #3: Pale blonde


Blonde may look dumb, but that is not true of pale blonde. If you mix pale blonde hair color with a little bit of honey shade it would look chic on you. Don’t believe me? Do you know which hair color Margot Robbie sports currently? Well, I guess you know the answer already!

Pretty Hair Color #4: Super blonde


If you don’t like the look of pale blonde and still want to go for the blonde hair look, well you have got another choice coming: super blonde. Whether or not you are fair skinned like actress Gwyneth Paltrow, this is one color which would add the much required depth, warmth, freshness, vibrancy and meaning to your hair locks! There is a reason why she has stuck to it, after all these years!

Pretty Hair Color #5: Auburn

pinterest/Jason Remigio III

Who says that auburn hair color is only for those who want dark hair color shades? You can always choose the lighter version of auburn and look equally gorgeous, you know? Just look at actress Jessica Chastain’s hair if you don’t believe me.

Pretty Hair Color #6: Orange red

A lot of women seem to suffer from the misconception that orange red is a childish color which fits only youthful looking girls. Well I am here to tell you that it looks just as good even on mature and older looking women.


A lot of people don’t seem to realize that the secret behind the vibrancy of the hair of Rachel McAdams is her choice of orange red as hair color; she made it look like orange red can make you look like a grown up if you do it right; thanks to her, orange red color is finally getting the praise and recognition that it deserves!

Pretty Hair Color #7

pinterest/Jenny Williston

Zoe Saldana sure knows how to make dark hair color shades suit her skin tone well. She proves it that you don’t need to use the help of highlights to define your hair style and make your hair shine with dark hair color shades.

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