Pravana Chroma Silk Crème Hair Color

Pravana Chroma Silk Crème Hair color Vivids Wild Orchid Review

If you want a semi-permanent hair dye which is as good and long lasting as permanent hair dyes then the Pravana Chroma Silk Crème Hair color Vivids Wild Orchid product is for you. The product is available in a lot of different shades such as magenta, red, silver, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green.

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Make sure you choose the right shade for yourself because if you make a mistake about your selection there is no way around it. Believe me when I tell you that the colors are really as good as permanent. You won’t be able to remove the color with either bleaching or by using the Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor!

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In this article I am going to tell you more about Pravana Chroma Silk Crème Hair color Vivids Wild Orchid as well as why it is suitable for most, if not all people! For best results, I would suggest that you use a pre-lightening agent to lighten up your hair (you can if you want, use Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener for this purpose).

Some insights about this product

If your natural hair color is dark (such as dark purple or dark blonde) or if you have previous dyed your hair with a dark color then you cannot use this dye until you have bleached your hair down to a lighter shade.

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This is not a suitable color for those who want to cover a lot of gray hair permanently; like I said, this hair dye, while would last a long time and is as good as permanent, technically it is by no means a permanent hair dye! As it is a semi-permanent hair dye you don’t need to purchase a developer kit along with it.


If you are looking for pastel rainbow hues then look no further than Pravana Chroma Silk Crème Hair color Vivids Wild Orchid hair dye product. You get a good quality hair conditioner along with the product which you can use regularly to keep the dye longer than otherwise.

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It offers you the much needed shiny look without making you use a large amount of this product; in fact, one kit can last quite some time. It is also quite cheap on the money side. The colors you get are so bright and long lasting that they would look quite vibrant on your hair for at least the next four to six weeks even if you wash your hair regularly.

If you have previously used Manic Panic hair dyes and have been disappointed with them then try it out for a change; you would agree with me that Manic Panic does not even hold a candle to Pravana’s brilliant product.


None really; just be sure not to use a harsh, chemically laden shampoo while washing your hair or else the color would become pale quicker than otherwise; but hey, that is true for most hair dyes anyways.

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Also it is important that you bleach your hair first before dyeing it like I already said; if you don’t follow that step, the dye won’t last long on your hair.

Overall, I cannot recommend this product enough!

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