51 Ponytail Hair Tutorials

51 Ponytail Hair Tutorials You Need to Try

One of the easiest and most common hair style is the ponytail. Well, every woman wears a ponytail for sure. It is the easiest way to put the hair up and avoid it from getting to your face or into your eyes. In most cases, women would just get different designs for the hair tie to add beauty to the ponytail. But in truth, you can also try other styles to make your ponytail look more beautiful and unique.

So, if you are tired of the usual ponytail that you do everyday, here are hair tutorials that will show you various ways to style your hair. Some are simple but others are a bit complicated. That is why, we posted videos with step by step process on you can get a very stylish ponytail.

1. 6 Quick and Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for School

This one is perfect for teens and kids who goes to school. Such a simple way to add some lovely twist to your everyday ponytail.

2. 7 Days of Ponytails!

Speaking of everyday ponytails, this woman wear a ponytail for the entire week but you will be very pleased to know that you can actually do it in different ways for each day!

3. How to Create a Knotted Ponytail

Did you know that you can also try knotting your hair to create a lovely ponytail?

4. Running Late Ponytail Hairstyles

Yes, even if you are in a hurry, you can still give your hairstyle a lovely twist!

5. Stacked Twist Ponytail

Want to do more than just braiding? Try this one with stacked braids!

6. Heart Ponytail Hairstyle

This one is so cute especially for our little ones!

7. Elegant hairstyles with ponytails

I am sure you’d love these three ponytail hairstyles that looked lovely because of hair twisting!

8. Waffle Cone Ponytail

This one requires a lot of tying but you’d be surprise how simple it can actually be done!

10. Loop Side Ponytail Cute Hairstyle

Why don’t you put that ponytail to the side? It would look lovely too.

11. Ponytail with French Braid

I guess you have seen this before and it is really a nice way to add some appeal to your ponytail.

12. Upside down French Braid Ponytail

Now this one is a different version of the ones above with a braid above and below the ponytail.

13. 15 Ways to Style a Ponytail

Okay so if you want a single video with so many ponytail styles, this is what you need.

14. Ponytail Bow

Yes, aside from a heart, you can also add a bow to your hair by using your hair. Get it?

15. Ariana Grande hair tutorial

If you are a fan of Ariana Grande’s hair, then I know you would love to watch this and give it a try.

16. Perfect Messy Ponytail

Sometimes, the messy way is the perfect way!

17. Side WaterFall PonyTail

The waterfall hairstyle is really nice and yes, you can add that to your ponytail too.

18. Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

This one looks really cute and easy! Check this out. But she added some hair to make it more “bubbly.”

19. Back-to-School Ponytail Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

And here are more ponytails from the same girl on the previous video giving you more ways to dress up your ponytail.

20. How to: The Perfect Ponytail!

And the very basic thing we need to learn it how to make the perfect ponytail.

Nice, right? It is indeed amazing that you can actually do many variations to your ponytail. With these tutorials, I am sure that you could don a stylish ponytail everyday without being boring and ordinary.

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