Pastel Hair Colors

20 Pretty Pastel Hair Colors to Try

Pastel colors are really beautiful and it even looks great on the hair too. I have seen how pastel hair looks like on different ladies and even on A-listers like Katy Perry. And hey, it does look very nice indeed. It doesn’t just add colors to the hair but it also brings a subtle cool effect on the way you look. For sure, if you have a hair like this, it would be an instant head turner.

There are different ways to don a pastel hair. It could either be used with one pastel color only like pink, green, purple and blue or it can also be combined together. Others use it to create an ombre look while still others combine it with their blonde hair or brown hair.

In whatever way you wear it, one thing is for sure, you would look totally pretty and beautiful! So, here are some different ways to use the color pastel on your hair.

1. Blonde Ombre Pastel Blue


Don’t you love this? Aside from the blue ombre hair, it added streaks of other pastel colors like yellow and green. Very nice indeed!

2. Pink White Pastel

Pink White

I admit I love the flower crown use here but the mix of pink and white on her hair looks really fabulous too. It used darker pink on the bags and it becomes lighter when it goes down to the tip of the hair.

3. Blonde Hair with Pastel Highlights


Got a blonde hair and you also want to add pastel colors on it? Why not try this look? Streaks of purple will surely make you look gorgeous.

4. Dark Purple to Pastel


You can also use one color in different tones for your hair just like what this woman is wearing.

5. Summer Pastel

summer pastel

A pretty combination of green, white, blue and purple. It looks like inspired by the ocean and the underwater, right?

6. Light Purple Pastel

purple pastel

For sure you will also be inspired to get a purple hair after seeing this one. This is one favorite color of ladies that also look great on the hair.

7. Pink Pastel

pink pastel

Aside from the pink color of the hair, I like her waves at the bottom part. It looks so sexy and nice.

8. Mint Hair

Mint Hair Color

You might be reminded of your lovely garden once you see this hair with green and white colors.

9. Pastel Blue Hair Color


Another stunning purple hair with a bit of grayish tone.

10. Pastel Colored Rainbow Hair

pastel colored rainbow hair

You would surely be like Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash once you get a hair like this one. Different colors of the rainbow are here on pastel shades.

11. Pastel Hair Colors

pastel hair color

Combine different pastel colors on your hair to get this look. So lovely, right?

12. Rainbow Pastel Hair


Another way to wear on pastel hair colors that starts with pink at the roots and ends with green and yellow.

13. Pink Pastel Hair Color


A blonde hair looked even more awesome with some pink streaks on it.

14. Pink Purple Pastel Hair


This one didn’t just used different tones of pink but also added white, silver and green to the hair. Pretty dramatic!

15. Green Pastel

green pastel

Even your short hair would look nice when you add color to it just like this green pastel hair.

16. Purple Blue Pastel Hair


Use blue and purple together to create a very gorgeous hairstyle. It looks like a unicorn’s mane!

17. Purple Green Pastel

Purple -green-hair-color

Green and purple are combined for her look. with some added dark blue and white.

18. Pink Hair


Another pink hair look with another shade. Well, whatever shade it is that you use, as long as its pink, it will surely end up nice!

19. Teal Hair Color


Everyone was surprised when Kylie Jenner colored her hair green but this teal hair color she has in ombre look looks really nice with that skin color.

20. Pink to Orange Ombre Hair

mix pastels

Katy Perry looks really stunning as she blends the pastel trend with the ombre look. Notice the light pink and orange colors that peep from her hair.

For sure if you have this kind of hair, you will feel like you are a Barbie Doll! These hair colors are indeed very fun to look at and it might even encourage us to get one of the colors above. But before you do that, make sure that your hair color will look good with your skin color.

So, which of the above pastel hair colors do you like the most?

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