25 Ways to Use Ombre Hair Color

25 Ways to Use Ombre Hair Color

Have you seen an ombre hair? I am sure you have because this is one famous hairstyle that will surely make you feel like you are a star.

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When we say ombre, it means that we are combining two colors or more together. This is actually an old way of playing with colors but obviously, this style has come a long way and is even retained these days not just for art or clothing but even for the hair. So today, we are going to show you a list of various ways to use ombre hair color.

1. Red to Blonde

1 Red To Blonde Ombre Hair

If you are a red head and you got tired of your plain red hair, why not add some blonde streaks at the ends?

2. Pink Ombre Ends

 Pink Ombre Ends

Don’t you like that combination of gray and pink? It looks really stunning!

3. Dark to Purple Ombre Hair

 Dark to Purple Ombre Hair

Instead of merely dying your hair with one color, why not use two tones from dark to light? Like if you color your hair blue, add some purple dye at the ends.

4. Honey Golden Brown Ombre

 Honey Golden Brown Ombre

Get a low maintenance hairstyle by having an ombre dye like this one. Looking gorgeous, right?

5. Brown to Blonde Ombre

 Brown To Blonde Ombre

Got a brown hair? No problem. Keep that hair color and just add some blonde into it.

6. Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Ombre Hair

I don’t know if could resist a hair as stunning as this one! Super nice ombre style in blue which can make you feel like a mermaid.

7. Ombre Bob Haircut

 Ombre Bob Haircut

Who said you cannot have an ombre hair when it is short? Of course you can!

8. Burgundy Ombre

 Burgundy Ombre Hair

You will no doubt turn heads with a hot hair dye like this one!

9. Blonde to Red Ombre

 blonde red

You can also start with a lighter color at the roots and then add darker ones at the ends just like this.

10. Rose Ombre

 Rose Ombre

If you have a black hair and you don’t want to color your entire hair, then why don’t you try doing this example?

11. Brown to Black

 reverse ombre hair brown-to-black

You can also do a reverse ombre hair by starting with brown at the top and black at the ends.

12. Purple Ombre with Pink and Blue

 blue and pink

Isn’t this very gorgeous? You have all your favorite colors on your hair with this style.

13. Gray Ombre Hair Color

grey ombre hair color idea

An interesting transfer from black to gray and then to white! This kind of hair color could give you an elegant appeal.

14. Fire Ombre Hair

 fire ombre

You’d no doubt be the girl on fire if your hair is like this! You would surely get everyone’s attention with a fire colored hair.

15. Black and Blue Ombre Hair

Black And Blue Ombre Hair

Another exciting way to add color to your black hair is bring in some blue tones on it. If you will feel hot on the previous hair color, you will feel cool with this one.

16. Ash Blonde Ombre

ash brown ombre

From ash brown to ash blonde. A stunning way to give your hair a twist in color and style. The good thing about a hair like this is that you can wear it anytime and anywhere you like.

17. Black to Blonde

 ciara glamazons blog

Another way to spice up a black hair is to add blonde on it. Looking really nice right? Yes, you can get the style of singer Ciara if you try this one.

18. Dip Dye Ombre Hair

 Dip Dye Ombre Hair

Well, as it is called, it really appears like you just accidentally dipped your hair to some paint or something. Lol. But it does look really gorgeous!

19. Brown to Light Brown Ombre Hair

Brown to Light Brown- Ombre-Hair

A simple way to bring ombre hairstyle is to get a lighter tone of your hair color.

20. Green to Pink Ombre


If you want more excitement, then go for a hair like this one! Aside from coloring it green, add some pink to it too. Although this color does look really different, I actually love it!

21. Pink to While Ombre

 pink ombre

I can’t see any reason for you to hate this kind of hair. From dark pink to light pink until it becomes white. I looks like candy…hmmm..sweet!

22. Green Ombre

 green hair color ideas

Now that a good way to express your love for nature. Lol. But seriously, it looks nice from black to mint green.

23. Orange Ombre

orange blonde

Well, if you don’t want green and you want a bolder color, then go for an orange hair with light blonde ends.

24. Orange Yellow Ombre


Or you can try adding another color with orange on your hair just like some yellow touches on it. This will give you a Megan Massacre look.

25. Rainbow Ombre

 rainbow ombre

Now if you want to use all the colors of the rainbow, go ahead. No one is going to stop you just like this lovely ombre rainbow hairstyle.

So, what can you say? Pretty exciting, right? All of the ombre hair colors you see in this list are lovely and for sure, after seeing this, you will feel like getting some hair colors as well. No one’s going to stop you to experiment colors with your hair. Don’t forget to consider your skin tone and choose the right colors for you!

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