Natural Hair Colors

3 Natural Hair Colors You Can Go For

If you are not blessed with a great-looking hair, don’t worry. If you don’t want to get your hair dyed with chemical-laced hair dye products and want to opt for organic solutions then too don’t worry. Why? Because this article is going to address both of your problems with natural hair colors you can go for!


Natural Black Hair Color Idea

If you want to go for a dark color, could anything be darker than black? Making your own natural black hair color is rather easy. All you need is three tablespoonfuls of dried rosemary, one tablespoonful of dried sage leaves, henna, one tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar, four cups of water and three tablespoonfuls of black tea. Pour the vinegar, leaves/herbs and tea into water and simmer the combination for half-an-hour. Use a strainer to strain the water out of it. Add henna to it to make a paste. Take this paste into your palms and massage your hair gently with this mixture. Cover your hair with a warm towel and a cap or hat. Let the color stay on your hair for at least one hour or more so as to get permanent, long lasting changes (if you don’t want long lasting changes then you can leave it for thirty minutes only).

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Natural Red Hair Color Idea

As you probably know, red hair is one of the most beautiful and sexiest of all hair colors out there. There used to be a time when redheads were believed to be cursed people but times change and so do people. Today red hair is a high item on the fashion graph and more and more women are opting for it. Here is what you need to become a redhead naturally: pure henna, four tablespoonfuls of cranberry juice, one tablespoonful of red wine, three tablespoonfuls of crushed coffee, one tablespoonful of olive oil, and boiling hot water of half-a-cup. Now as for the procedure: add the crushed coffee to the boiling water and keep it for twenty minutes so as to let the coffee get absorbed into the water fully . Use a coffee strainer or filter to strain the coffee. Add the rest of the ingredients to the coffee EXCEPT henna. Once this is done, you can add henna to the mixture and make a red paste out of it. Just as before, you should massage your hair gently with this paste, cover up your hair and leave it for thirty or sixty minutes depending on the type of result (temporary or permanent) you want.

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Natural Blonde Hair Color Idea

So you wanna be a blonde after all? Then this is how you can be one, in a natural and organic way. Peel three sticks of Rhubarb, then cut those sticks into smaller pieces. In addition, get Henna, one-fourth cup of lemon juice, half a cup each of dried Chamomile flowers and boiling water, etc. Mix the flowers into the boiling water and let it steep into the water for at least half-an-hour. Do the same with Rhubarb sticks as well. Now combine these two mixtures with lemon juice. Next pour enough henna into the mix so that it forms a dry paste. Once this is done, use a flat tool such as a brush to apply this paste on your hair right from its roots to the tips. Then cover up your head and leave it like that for one hour or less depending on the result desired by you.

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