Light Brown Hair Dye

Top 2 Light Brown Hair Dye Color Recommendations For You

If you are looking for a brown hair color that is neither too light nor too dark in hue, then you are reading the right article. In this article I am going to talk about the two shades available for those who want the light brown hair look. This is one color which personally like over the darker shades of brown!

Light Brown Hair Dye #1: Caramel

Caramel is a great light brown hair color you can have, especially if you a starting out with this color for the first time. The caramel fudge color offers your hair the much needed shine and vibrancy you have been so desperately looking for. If you want a natural looking light brown hair color which adds meaning and depth to your locks then this is the right color for you.

This is however, not a suitable hair color for the dark skinned types out there. Caramel fudge is the kind of warm brown color which would look good on skins which are fair or at most medium dark with cool undertones. Likewise, it is not suitable for all types of hair.

If you want to go for this dye, make sure that you buy a shade that is at least two shades darker or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. If your natural hair color is blonde then you would need to be extra careful otherwise you may make a mess of your hair; the same is true for those who buy the Caramel hue that is two shades darker than their natural hair color.

In both these cases, I would highly suggest that you visit a professional hair stylist to get it done properly. Don’t forget to request him to add some warm copper red highlights in order to enhance the look even further!

Light Brown Hair Dye #2: Chocolate and cream

Chocolate and cream hair shares several similarities with the Caramel color. Firstly, if you wish to go for this color, you need to buy a shade that is at least two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Also, it is not suitable for all skin types either. Only those whose skin undertones range from light to medium should use this hue; dark skinned women won’t look good in it.

Chocolate and cream is one color which requires some maintenance on your part. You would need to apply decent quality conditioners regularly to your hair to make sure that the orange hue of the dye stays intact; if the orange color fades away, it would leave your hair with a terrible looking hue!

If you are getting this done by a professional hair stylist, be sure to get mocha highlights for your hair to enhance the look even further; as a matter of fact, mocha highlights go really well with the chocolate and cream hair color!

As you can see, getting your hair dyed with a light brown color is no big deal, provided that you know what you are doing (of course, you can always visit a hair salon, which I personally think is the safest thing to do).

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