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Top 4 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas For You

Blondes are no longer dumb (actually never have been at all!). If someone thought that being a blonde is akin to being dumb then that is just preposterous. Truth to be told, of all the women out there, it seems as if blondes are having the most fun. After reading this article, you too would agree on me. In this article I am going to tell you about four different light blonde shades available for your hair (assuming that you are reading this article because you want to know how to get light blonde hair for yourself). Next time you visit a drugstore or a hair salon, make sure to mention one of these shades to them so as to acquire a cool blonde look!


Light Blonde Hair Color Idea #1: Buttery Blonde with Platinum Tint

Buttery blonde has become an established blonde look for a lot of blonde wannabes, thanks to actress Amber Heard who wears it in style along with those rich highlights of platinum blonde shades; if you notice her hair carefully, you would realize that she has used honey shades for coloring the ends of her hair. This is a very warm color which is guaranteed to enliven your skin and hair if you share the same fair skin tone with the actress!


Light Blonde Hair Color Idea #2: Warm Wheat Blonde

So buttery blonde hue is not your cup of tea? Cool, no problem. You have got warm wheat blonde as an alternative. This is yet another warm blonde color, but this one is made especially for fall hair (spring season). The great thing about warm wheat blonde is that unlike the light blonde shade, this one would fit both those who have fair skin as well as those with darker skin undertones! Be sure to get touch-ups for your hair done regularly at your favorite salon; if you would rather prefer to do it at home, consider buying a do-it-yourself bleaching package! If you thought that warm wheat blonde is an obscure color, think again. Actress Dianna Agron is already sporting it, so why can’t you?




Light Blonde Hair Color Idea #3: Dark Ash Blonde

If you are a Taylor Swift fan then there is no better way to pay tribute to this highly talented artist than by coloring your hair in the exact same hue as hers - that is right, dark ash blonde is what she uses! Notice how gorgeous her bangs look? This is another warm blonde color, one that would make for a good winter hairstyle. Just like the warm wheat blonde hue, this shade is also suitable for most skin complexions. Regular glossing is recommended in order to maintain the shine and vibrancy of your hair.



Light Blonde Hair Color Idea #4: Honey Blonde

When it comes to getting hair dyes right, actress Emma Stone is almost always right on money! Her honey blonde shade coupled with rich platinum highlights is a marvel to behold, indeed! Thanks to her, this has become one of the most high trending colors of this year. Unlike the blonde shades discussed so far, this blonde shade is fit for all seasons, provided that you do a little bit of tweaking, such as adding caramel undertones for the fall season and platinum highlights during summer!



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