How To Get Thicker Hair

How to Get Thicker Hair

Hair loss strikes people of all ages and genders. Even young women sometimes fret as their strands of precious hair start falling out. Even without alopecia—a clinical condition that causes hair loss in all affected—many women deal with thinning hair due to hair loss. Long, thick hair proves desirable thanks to its comfortable texture and healthy appearance. On top of that, people with long hair access far more styles than those with short hair. Styled hair holds up much better if the hair originally boasts more thickness and strength, reducing the amount of hairspray required to make your hair look spectacular. So, have you ever wondered how to get thicker hair? Let’s go into the details.

First, what causes thin hair in the first place? How can thin hair and hair loss affect women? Quite frankly, the health, age, and genetic background determine the health of hair. Some women also deal with treatments or medications that induce alopecia, making things even more difficult to deal with. Improper care of hair causes frayed ends and weak structure that causes hair to shed or break prematurely. Continuous poor hair, diet, and beauty products create a horrible setup for your hair follicles. This causes your hair to fall out from the root, ruining any chances of salvaging the texture of your hair. Thankfully, ways exist to make your hair thicker and longer.


How to Make Hair Thick and Long in One Month

So, want to know how to make your hair thicker? Changing your behavior over the course of a month creates thicker and longer hair quickly. The texture and sheen look great, it feels great, and—importantly—it withstands any type of styling you desire. Your quest for great hair begins with your cleaning routine. Certain ingredients in common shampoos and beauty products actually dry out your hair and damage your roots. Sulfate free shampoos use alternative and sometimes natural ingredients that both avoid drying out your hair and strengthen it over time. This creates a good environment for thicker hair to fill in. If your hair dries out quickly, skip shampoo a few days per week and stick to just conditioner.

On top of your special shampoo, certain beauty products work to moisturize your scalp. After a good cleaning, use things like eucalyptus oil, drops of concentrated peppermint, or mixtures meant specifically to grow hair. For a complete breakdown of these special hair thickening materials, look at our top hair thickener reviews. Condition your hair to further hydrate it and improve your diet. But let’s talk more on nutrition later, and instead focus on daily changes to your routine!

How To Get Thicker Hair


How to Get Thicker Hair Overnight

When you learn how to thicken hair, part of it involves a different way of dealing with it on the daily. Your hair adjusts based on how you treat it each day, so changes to your routine helps it thicken up. First of all, cease all attempts to sizzle and spray your hair. Unless your hair spray specifically states that it moisturizes your hair, it actually dries your hair out and contributes to long-term thin hair and even hair loss. It also seems like common sense that using hair straighteners dry out your hair—after all, it literally toasts the moisture out of your hair and breaks down the structure so that it lays flat.

Instead, use moisturizing anti-frizz crème to straighten those hairs. This natural hair technique takes time to show results, but it also keeps your hair looking thick and shiny despite its straightness. Once more, I must emphasize eating a healthy diet, but treating your hair with delicacy also helps tremendously. Instead of brushing your hair with a sharp-edged round brush, ineffective regular brush, or fine-toothed comb, use a wide-toothed comb to shape your hair. Excess hair brushing causes you to pull out hairs and contribute to hair thinning more than you need to. Of course, if you need thin hair, do the opposite. We put more tips on thinning your hair on this page.


How to Get Thick Hair Home Remedies

To obtain thicker, fuller hair from your own home, without buying specific hair-strengthening products, you still end up spending a lot. This goes into effect especially when you want to learn how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally! Organic hair strengtheners and easily accessible thickeners aren’t exactly cheap—and if they are, then they aren’t quite as effective. Nonetheless, for someone who wants to start up a good and organic routine, using your own home remedy makes a great start!

Beat eggs (including the yolk) will apply protein to your hair. Avocado crème moisturizes your scalp and helps give your hair a little pep. Olive oil provides a substitute for your body’s natural oils, if dry hair plagues you. Castor oil, flax seed, coconut oil,  and aloe vera all perform similar roles in hair strengthening. Some people recommend henna powder, but keep in mind that henna powder will also dye your hair red!

As with all home remedies, use them carefully, and check the side effects of any oils you happen to use. These organic methods rarely react to the skin, but you might possess a secret allergy or something. Aloe vera in particular seems to trigger sensitive skin, even in otherwise hardy individuals. Test everything on a small patch of skin before you apply it to your whole head. We list a few organic hair products on our more detailed page.

How To Get Thicker Hair


How to Get Thicker Hair with Vitamins

The single best way to improve the luster of your hair is through vitamins. Whether you take vitamin supplements or manage your usual food with more insight, vitamins directly impact all aspects of your hair health. Healthy skin means that the hair follicles generate stronger hair and hold it to your scalp for longer. Your body’s natural oils use vitamins that improve the structure of your hair from the outside. Even a little vitamin D and sun exposure helps your hair shine!

Protein clearly takes priority, since it singlehandedly prevents dry and brittle hair. Low protein even causes hair loss! Find protein—along with Biotin—inside of egg yolks and other meats. Too little iron also causes your hair to fall out, so add leafy greens like spinach, lentils, broccoli, and kale to your diet. Many fortified cereals also contain high amounts of iron, since many people simply don’t eat enough vegetables. Omega-3 from salmon, sardines, avocado, or walnuts helps your body generate oils that naturally moisturize your hair.

Zinc, selenium, and vitamin A all help moisturize your skin and create a durable structure that helps your hair ‘stick’ to the scalp. More hair means more volume! Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage, while vitamin C produces collagen that strengthens blood vessels. With stronger blood vessels, more nutrients reach your hair follicles and your hair strengthens!

So that’s how to get thick hair fast and naturally! Of course, daily vitamins tailored for hair growth provide a shortcut for people who can’t afford the time or money to spend on more lavish meals.


How to Make Hair Thick and Strong From the Roots

Out of all the ways to make your hair thicker, beauty products rank number one. They gather all the vitamins and ingredients you could possibly need into one bundle. So, when you want to learn how to grow thicker hair—or how to get longer hair—simply check out the back of one of these bottles! Most hair thickening products are affordable and you only need to apply them once or twice a week to see results. Some works so well that only a few drops—just enough to lather it in—do the trick.

I most prefer to use hair thickening shampoos to strengthen my hair from the roots. These products include vitamins and oils that help with hair strength, but they also skip some harsh chemicals that normal shampoos use. Those harsh chemicals tend to dry out your hair and make it brittle, so something without those harmful ingredients that also includes ingredients to help you give your hair more body works wonders! On top of that, the stuff simply feels great to use on your scalp.

Use ample amounts of essential oils or moisturization products on your scalp to keep the roots healthy. A good bath every now and then just to let the oils soak in does wonders to the condition of your hair. And, speaking of conditioning, never skip your conditioner!

How To Get Thicker Hair


Best Ways to Get Thicker Hair

Of course, many more methods exist to thicken your hair. We talk all about them and review several different types on our top hair thickening product page. To select the one that best suits your needs, think about what you need out of your hair thickener. Use organic shampoos to completely avoid irritating chemicals or stick to cruelty-free shampoos to prevent ethical dilemmas. Go for vitamins for long-term effects or choose an excellent conditioner for an overnight makeover.

Whether you want to keep your hair healthy and long or simply want to style it with more integrity, keeping your hair thick and sturdy proves essential to your goal. To keep in line with all the latest hair trends, your hair needs to put up with all of the pampering and prodding that we throw at it. Choose your style, stick to it, and make sure your hair exemplifies your view of beauty. No matter what form your aesthetic takes, remember to love your body and keep it healthy! A healthy body is a beautiful body, and what better way is there to start with a healthy living than starting at your roots?


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