What Is A Hair Growth Serum

What Is Hair Growth Serum?

Unfortunately, men and women alike run into hair loss or alopecia eventually. No matter your gender or circumstances, controlling the appearance and length of your hair makes up an important part of your appearance. Without control over our hair, we jeopardize all of our first impressions and look scraggly. Many women pull off the bald look or the pixie look, but let’s face it—not everyone knows how to do that. Plus, long and luscious locks look great! So, what is hair growth serum?

Hair growth serum helps you control the growth rate of your hair. Even for people without hair loss, it helps them switch between styles in between haircuts by granting them ‘fresh’ hair to work with. Let’s go over the ins-and-outs of hair serum and talk about how it helps men and women maintain their healthy hair!


All About Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serums use several natural and synthetic ingredients to help your hair regenerate. Depending on the type of serum, it targets your skin health, follicle health, hair structure, vitamin intake, or a mixture of all of these. The most common ingredients include Minoxidil, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Hyaluronic Acid, and regular caffeine. Many serums also incorporate vitamins to help your body absorb extra nutrition and strengthen your hair. The synthetic ingredients all treat a condition called alopecia, which affects both men and women of all ages and causes hair loss.

If you suspect you suffer from alopecia—the uncontrollable loss of hair from patches of your skin—then talk to your doctor about whether hair serum suits you. Most will tell you to go right ahead and use them—especially since the internet makes even the best serums available to anyone for an affordable price.


Hair Growth Serum DIY

Most DIY hair growth serums rely solely on natural ingredients. Without synthetic ingredients to help directly with hair loss, it loses out against premade hair serums. At the same time, these serums contain some important vitamins to at least alleviate some aspects of hair loss. Aloe vera gel helps soften your scalp and makes the other ingredients easy to apply in a mixture. Nettle contains tons of vitamins that stimulate hair and skin health, while horsetail offers silica to strengthen the structure of your hair.

With those ingredients all set up, go ahead and mix in some essential oils like Rosemary or Jujuba for extra vitamins and a fragrant aroma, and you make the best DIY hair growth serum available! However, I stress this once more, this will not treat hair loss illnesses like alopecia. For that, special formulas and synthetic ingredients made just for treating hair loss work much better. This DIY serum works best for someone who wants to quickly grow out a short hair cut or replenish the natural texture of their hair after a perm.

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Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

Rather than rely on the tenuous effects of DIY hair growth serum, I recommend using the best hair growth serum on the market. Grow Gorgeous Shampoo reviews glow with praise for one reason alone—it works. The serum itself targets your hair in several ways to promote hair growth, hair strength, and hair regeneration. Today, I want to cover every aspect of its benefits and effects on your precious locks, including potential Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum side effects.


Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Review

First of all, the huge percentage of active ingredients in this serum makes it work spectacularly. At a whopping 21.5%, you see smaller active ingredients in things like Tylenol or Benadryl. Despite this, you easily grab this over the counter or online, thanks to its safe ingredients. It uses several different ingredients to target different parts of your hair growth. A special bio-active compound of soy sprouts, wheat sprouts, and Chinese skullcap give your hair a thicker density. On top of that, a compound from pea sprouts helps your hair—well—sprout. Go figure! Clover Flower Extract and Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3 strengthens your hair so much that you see a visible hair length increase within eight days. Hyaluronic acid helps to moisturize the scalp, while caffeine stimulates the hair follicles to grow healthy strands.

Unlike most hair growth concoctions, this one smells spectacular. With a blend of caffeine, castor oil, caramel, and several plant extracts and perfumes as already described, it smells heavenly to apply. Instead of dreading hair treatment, it becomes a welcome routine each day. You only need to apply 20 drops each day to see results and it works best when used alone. Lots of people see more improvement than they do with Rogaine and similar brands. In other words, no need to worry about what other supplements you need to use! Just stick to your daily vitamins and use this stuff to keep things healthy where it counts. You see results with this as early as one week after use, so seriously consider it.


Best Part of Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

About 9/10 people consider this product to be effective and it works well on all types of hair—even color treated hair! Plus, it leaves no residue behind and restores a natural sheen to your hair. Ultimately, both you and your hair look and feel better after using this stuff. This particular bottle lasts two months, giving you more than enough time to check out its efficacy for yourself.

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The Final Word on Hair Growth Serum

Whether you make your own serum, stick to an over-the-counter brand of hair growth serum, or use our recommended hair serum from Grow Gorgeous, I hope you find something that works for you! Our hair represents a tangible part of our beauty that we should completely control. There’s a reason most people use hair as the first defining trait of a stranger! It surrounds our face and creates a striking first impression on others. Use hair growth serum and check out the latest color trends to keep your hair looking flashy, healthy, and beautiful!

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