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8 Hair Dye Ideas for Funky Women

If you wanna get a total makeover of your hair color and are looking for some cool hair dye ideas then you have come to the right place. Believe it or not, there are more options than the ones people usually go for: purple and pink. Don’t be a part of the crowd; there are a lot of other hair dye colors you can choose from to make yourself look different from the rest. In this article I will tell you about eight such hair dye color ideas.

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Silver Hair Dye:

Silver is one color which a lot of women can go for. Are you looking for a color that is neither white nor gray but something in-between? Well, then silver hair dye color is the idea choice for you!

hair dye ideas silver 1


Aqua Hair Dye:

If you have already dyed your hair with green and blue, are not satisfied with either and would rather prefer a color that is a cross between blue and green, then aqua or turquoise is the perfect color for your hair!

hair dye ideas auqa 2


Bright Yellow Hair Dye:

If you are a white blonde then this is the perfect color for you. I guess you might think that you would look awkward with a yellowish hair but believe me, nothing else looks sexier on a blonde!

hair dye ideas yellow 3


Gray Hair Dye:

Believe it or not, it is not necessary that only your grandpa or grandma has gray hair. If you want to flaunt gray hair, you can too. But on the other hand, if you don’t want to look like a clone of your grandma and are afraid that pure gray hair color may make you look older, you could add a little of pastel blue into it to get around that issue!

hair dye ideas gray 4


Peach Hair Dye:

if your skin is peach white then this is a great color for you. It would make you look much more ravishing than you already are! Unlike blonde hair dye, this one looks more natural, although at first sight, an onlooker may not be able to differentiate between the two!

hair dye ideas peach 3


Green Tea Hair Dye:

If you want your hair to take the color of your favorite morning green tea, then this is one color you should go for. For best results, you should color both your hair and eyebrows with this ‘pale green’ color; however, if you don’t wanna go for a makeover of your brows it is fine too!


Emerald Green Hair Dye:

This is another version of green hair dye you can try out if you don’t like the green tea hair color. Thanks to Jared Leto’s Joker avatar, a lot of women (and even some men) seem to go for this particular color of late. It looks cool and sexy on any woman no doubt, but for women who want to keep their eyebrows intact and prefer to wear only red lipstick, emerald green is indeed the ideal hair dye choice!


Dark Teal Hair Dye:

This is a good hair dye option for those women whose hair is naturally black. As you might know, it is hard to get any hair dye on black hair without getting your hair bleached, but this is one color you can easily spray on your hair without going through any kind of bleaching at all! For best results, use a vibrant-colored lipstick with it!



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