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Top 2 Hair Dye Brands to Add An Extra Shine to Your Hair

These days a lot of people are going in for bold and vibrant colors. They wanna go crazy with their hairstyle. I don’t know the reason behind this sudden change of trend, but one thing to note is that these crazy, vibrant hues are difficult to put on someone’s hair in the first place, not to mention that these colors usually don’t last long. In this article I am going to tell you about my two favorite hair dye brands for crazy, rainbow colors, as well as offer you tips on how to maintain the permanence of your newly dyed hair!

List of Hair Dye Brands

Hair Dye Brand #1 – Raw Color

If you wanna get as bold as those trash or punk rock bands of the 80s, then Raw Color is the way to go. Raw Color won’t offer you a lot of color choices, sure, but one thing is for certain: all the color options they offer are quite bold, edgy and glamorous! Also, these colors last for a very long time. Guess who would come out with such a ‘bold’ hair dye brand? Who but Hot Topic, of course! Who else would know the ‘punk’ movement inside out? The disadvantage is that they are quite expensive.


Hair Dye Brand #2 – Punky Color

This one comes from Jerome Russell and believe me, if you want cool, funky, stylish and vibrant colors then look no further. Punk Colors offers you with so many color options that you would be spoiled for choice. You want a red rose or alpine green hair color? Or how about aqua color? Any color you want, Punk Color has got it for you. These colors are known to be long lasting too. The best thing about the deal: it is darn cheap, cheaper than raw color, yeah.



Tips for Long Lasting hair Color

1) Get Your Cuticle Right with Cool Wash

The very first step toward getting your hair colored successfully is to make your cuticle, the outer layer or your hair, ready for it. Now, if you wash your cuticle with lukewarm or hot water then the dye won’t last long no matter which brand you use; so the preferred option is to give your hair a thorough wash with cool water as this will help the dye become more permanent on your hair. Don’t use conditioners at all; if you must, then use shampoos only!


2) Clean and Dry Your Hair

Well you have already cleaned it with water haven’t you? So, the next ting you would want to do is to dry your hair thoroughly. Remember that the reason behind going through this next step is that if the cuticle is wet and dirty, your color won’t be able to spread evenly throughout your hair.


3) Use A Post-Color Treatment

Getting your hands on a reputable hair dye brand is not enough. Once you have got your hair dyed, you would want to lock the dye in your hair by closing off the cuticle as this is the only way your hair color is gonna last. You can use a decent quality post-color treatment product for hair such as Kerastase Concentre Pixelist for this purpose.

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