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25 Easy Hair DIY You Can Do Everyday

Sometimes we get bored of the same hairstyle that wear everyday when going to work, going to school or just going anywhere we want. Because of that, we may tend to look for a new hairstyle that will make us look beautiful and unique each day.


Well, that is actually not a problem anymore because there are so many hair DIY tutorials that we can find from YouTube and even from Pinterest, showing detailed step-by-step images of how to do a certain hairstyle.

With that, we have gathered 25 of the most Pin-teresting hairstyles that you could try. You will be surprised to see that these aren’t that hard to do!

1. Wrapped Headband Updo

Been seeing tutorials like this everywhere and it is indeed amazing that you oculd get great results merely by using a headband on your head.

1 pinterest hair

2. Easy Upside-down Braid

This looks complicated but in truth, it is just easy to do and you can see how lovely it turned out afterwards.

2 pinterest hair

3. Twisted Crown

For this all, all you have to do is do some twisting and twisting and you will get a stunning hairstyle that you will never expect to achieve.

3 pinterest hair

4. Half-Up Boho Braids

There is something about Boho look that I really like and this hairstyle is indeed stunning and easy to do!

4 pinterest hair

5. Rose Pony Braid

Isn’t this a lovely hairstyle? With its name, you can feel like Pinky Pie from My Little Pony by wearing your hair in a fun way like this.

5 pinterest hair

6. Half-Up Hair Bow

I tried doing this hairstyle and it sure looks really cute and it isn’t that hard as you can see on the image. Just be ready with bobby pins.

6 pinterest hair

7.Twisted Buns

For this one, you would need some twisting and knotting and pinning! Yes, it is that simple but the result is so pretty!


8. The Side-Wrap Braid

Simply place most of your hair on one side and you will get this look. And oh, add the braids of course.


9. Pull Through Braid

This one looks interesting and easy as well. Just prepare your hair ties and this looks better whtn the ties are hidden under the hair.


10. Easy Chignon

A chignon hairstyle isn’t just for special occasions but even for ordinary days. Yes, you can pull off this look by following the step by step image below.


11. Braided Ponytail

This ponytail used large braids to complete its look and we have to admit that it indeed looked lovely this way than using the the smaller braids.


12. Waterfall Braid

I have seen this many times as well and for a person like me who isn’t that good at braiding, it looks complicated. Lol. But yes, it is worth the try because of how pretty it is.


13. Braided Ballerina Bun

Another one that requires some braiding skills but as you can see, it turned out really lovely. So, if you have a daughter who is going to have a ballet recital, why not try this hairstyle?


14. Braided Flower Hair

Add a rose-like hair to your kids or on your own hair through the magic of braiding. It is indeed amazing how braids can create various looks.


15. Messy Bun

Going shopping or going out with friends? This messy bun hairdo will be a good option and it looks cool too.


16. Top Knot

Like the messy bun, this is a hairstyle that you can use daily or even for some parties as well.


17. The Side Sweep

I actually think you can just bring you hair on one side to get a look like this but of course, there are additional steps to retain the look the entire day.


18. Braided Flower Crown

Simply create three braids and roll them to make flowers, then you get the flower crown of your dreams that is made of your own hair!


19. Five Strand Braid and Bun

Seriously, five strands for a braid? Well, maybe we can learn doing this through this tutorial. At least, it is worth the time because it looks beautiful.


20. Wispy Braid and Low Bun

Combine braids and a low bun to get this pretty hairstyle. This would look nice with your floral dress!


21. The Top Half

The curls at the edges of the hair look really stunning for this hair. Just bring a part of it on the top and leave the bottom part with curls.


22. Bohemian Arrowhead Braid

Now if you love to braid, this is the kind of hairstyle that suits you because apparently, you would need to braid and braid and be beautiful!


23. Easy Bun

A different approach to creating a bun by braidning and inserting the hair into the tied area. But it looks nice, right?


24. French Twist

Want a little formal approach to your hairstyle? The try this French twist. Nope, it isn’t hard to do. Just make sure that you have many pins ready and you have a comb with small bristles to create a neat twist.


25. Stacked Topsy Tail Braid

The name of this one is a bit overwhelming but when you look at it, it is actually very easy to make. It is just like twisting and stacking them all together!


All of these hair DIYs are lovely and are definitely a must try to everyone who wants to experiment a new hairstyle every now and then. And yes, you don’t have to worry much about how it is done because you can see that on the step-by-step tutorial which makes it appear pretty easy.

You can bookmark this post since this will be very handy and convenient for you if you want to get a nice hairstyle to be done whatever is the occasion or merely just for a unique look everyday! You can even play with the hairstyles above to make your own look. You really don’t need to go into every step. If you are the type who loves to experiment your look, then don’t hesitate to give it a try.

We hope you have chosen a certain hairstyle that would love to try. Or you can also try each one of them everyday so you will look lovely each and every day of the week!

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