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Using A Hair Colour Chart To Get The Best Colour For Your Hair

You go to your local cosmetic or drug shop to order a hair dye for yourself. The hair colour looks perfect and sexy on the model; you believe that this is something which is gonna suit you too. You come back home to try it on yourself. But at the end of the process, you look like a joker rather than say, the ravishing Amy Yasbeck. Something must have gone wrong in the process, but what could it be? Umm, you probably forgot to get a hair colour chart for yourself. As tedious as it sounds, if you are not gonna have your hair dyed by a professional hair colourist, then you need to get a hair colour chart to be able to choose the perfect colour for your hair. In this article I will tell you how to use a hair colour chart.


Your Skin!

Use Your Veins to Determine Your Skin Tone First: A particular hair colour may look good on a gorgeous model or your Hollywood favorite celebrity but that does not mean that it would look good on you too because your skin tone might be different than theirs. Keep in mind that there is more to it than just looking at a celeb and exclaiming ‘Oh, I wish I had hair like her!’ The very first step toward selecting the right hair colour for yourself is to get an understanding of your skin tone. If your skin tone is warm you would need a different type of hair colour than say, if your skin tone is neutral or cool. How do you figure out your skin tone? Well, look at those veins in your wrist. If the colour of your veins is green then your skin tone is warm; on the other hand, if your veins exhibit a violet or bluish colour then you have got a cool skin colour. If the colour of your veins is not very clear, then your skin tone can be said to be neutral.


Use it Right!

Get The Right Hair Colour For Yourself With The Help Of A Hair Colour Chart And Your Skin Tone: Now that you know your skin tone, this is the time to get a hair colour chart for yourself. Based on your skin tone, you would find it easier to choose a suitable hue to make your hair more gorgeous than you could otherwise. For those with warm skin colours, you need to choose a warm colour for your hair; colours such as yellow, orange and red are known as warm colours; you should buy a hair dye which has a colour undertone of any of these three. If your skin tone is cool, your hair would look ravishing with any kind of cool colour, such as violet or ashen (bluish) colours. People with neutral skin colour look good in any colour, be it cool or warm. A hair colour chart uses certain letters to indicate the hair colours. For instance, neutral tone is indicated by the letter ‘N’, yellow is indicated with ‘Y’ while ‘RV’ means red violet. The numbers on a hair colour chart are there to indicate how light or deep a particular colour is; for instance, ‘1’ and ’10’ represent two colour extremes on the chart: the first representing black and the second platinum blonde.


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