Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Top 3 Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Whether you are a natural brunette looking forward to amping it up a little bit or someone with a different hair color who has caught a fancy with the brown hair color and wants to get her hair dyed brown, this article is going to help you. Believe it or not, brown is one color that covers a wide spectrum of different variety of shades.

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You can get dyed with dark chocolate color, or if you prefer a golden shade then you also have chestnut with gold shade. The point is, the possibilities with brown hair shade are endless. Armed with the power packed hair color ideas for brunettes discussed in this article you are going to look like a sex brunette in no time, guaranteed!

Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes #1: Dark chocolate brown

If actress Sandra Bullock is one who inspired you to go the brunette way, and if you want to have hair that looks just like hers, then you have got to try out the VS Salonist 4/0 Dark Neutral Brown product range.

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This product range offers you a lot of different shades and tones of brown color, so much so that you would be spoiled for choice.

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For instance, this is one product which can also offer you the dark neutral brown hair color of Megan Fox, Emmy Rossum and Emilia Clarke too!

Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes #2: Light cool brown

Kate Middleton has lately been trending in the hair fashion world. If you are a follower of Kate’s hairstyles then you must have fantasized about acquiring her brunette locks for a long time.

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Well, believe it or not, help is at hand. Once again Vs Salonist comes to your rescue with yet another product line called VS Salonist 6/1 Light Cool Brown!

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Even if you prefer Alessandra Ambrosio’s hair color to that of Kate Middleton, or fancy the light cool brown shade of Jennifer Garner’s hot locks, then too this is the right product for you! For those who envy the neutral brown locks of Kate Beckinsale, they should definitely give the VS Salonist 6/1 Light Cool Brown product an honest try!

Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes #3: Medium golden brown

Now let us say that you are the type who neither likes dark chocolate brown color nor the more neutral light brown color. That leaves you with just one choice: the medium golden brown color. A lot of celebs have been going for this hue as well as so if this is your choice then you would not be too far removed from the current fashion trend.

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For instance, John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen has beautiful medium golden brown locks, and so does the very hot Sofia Vergara, British actress Emily Blunt and the voluptuous singer Beyonce.

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Whether you fancy the hair styles of any of these famous celebs or simply prefer to go for medium golden brown color, the VS Salonist 5/3 Medium Gold Brown hair color product is for you!

As you can see, when it comes to brunette hair color, there are plenty of options you can choose from!

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