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The Best Fast Hair Growth Products in 2018

Like most people, I have been trying to grow my hair to attractive lengths for a long time. I had to rely on hair extensions especially when attending special events and during vacations. Those who knew me before are likely to wonder how I came to have the long hair. Well, it is now full length and I love it. Who doesn’t like receiving endless compliments for having a stunning hair? Nevertheless, the results did not come naturally since I had to try numerous Fast Hair Growth Products. Following my last article about The Best Hair Growth Shampoos, I wanted to ad nutritional supplements, serums, and foams for this review.

ProductTypeWhere to Buy
PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention TherapyShampoo
Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient TabletsSupplement
Women’s Rogaine Once-A-Day FoamFoam
Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Growth StimulatingShampoo
Women’s Rogaine SolutionTopical Solution
Ultrax Labs Hair RushSupplement

I used to be skeptical about some products after hearing scary stories that some contain dangerous chemicals. Now that they worked for me I decided to gather information on the best hair growth products that help other women struggling with similar problems. I will not promise that most of these products will derive tangible results overnight but you will certainly notice a great difference after a few days. Most of these hair growth products accelerate hair growth naturally. Some also lengthen the nails eliminate spots on the skin and brighten the skin.

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Don’t have time to read the full article? We got you covered. Below you’ll see our favorite Anti Hair Loss Product combination, a supplement, and a hair loss prevention shampoo:

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Why Should You use Fast Hair Growth Products?

Short hair, hair loss and thinning are some of the hair problems that affect a person’s esteem. Women experiencing these problems may feel embarrassed when relating to friends and relative and therefore may miss professional advancements as well as personal or social interactions. If you have poor hair like I had, you may end up avoiding interactions and attending public events. The good news is that this is a common problem and the leading cosmetic manufacturers have provided a wide range of shampoos, hair conditioners, hair growth supplements, and hair restoration products. With all these hair products available online and the leading cosmetic outlets, you only have to use the one that addresses your needs. Fortunately, I have researched well to come up with a list of the best hair growth products that deliver desirable outcomes.


So How Did I Select the Top Products that Grow Hair Fast?

I had to consider the products that contain most natural and effective ingredients in the correct proportions. Besides, I had to identify and evaluate hair growth products that provide various minerals and essential nutrients that stimulate hair growth in the most natural way. The next step was to consider the products that addressed a wide variety of hair problems for maximum benefits at minimal costs. Lastly, I had to consider personal experiences with some of these products and what customers had to say about the identified products. Therefore, I have all reasons to say that I have a list of safe and the most effective hair growth products. So let’s move to the product list!


PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo (Blue label)

This is an organic hair growth and loss prevention product that uses natural preservation and derives tangible results within a reasonable duration. The product combines a variety of premium ingredients and is free from dangerous chemicals such as Parabens or SLS. It is probably the most effective product that stimulates fast hair growth, strengthens the strands and prevents hair damage. It has numerous natural and advanced DHT blockers. In addition to this, the natural formula is clinically proven to address challenges of scalp, thinning and hair damage. The natural ingredients do away with DHT, the hormone that brings about hair loss, hence addressing the root cause of hair loss issues. Besides blocking this hormone, the formula nourishes hair follicles with essential nutrients and minerals to start the regeneration process.


  • The product contains Biotin that lengthens and strengthens single strands of hair deriving significant improvements.
  • It contains niacin that inhibits release DHT and its functions naturally thus addressing the underlying cause of hair loss. In addition, niacin improves blood circulation and thus ensures effective supply of nutrients for hair growth.
  • The product addresses a variety of challenges ranging from thinning, hair loss slow growth, scalp and development of weak strands of hair.
  • The product constitutes plant extracts and other natural ingredients that are safe for use.
  • It is safe for continuous use by both men and women without affecting the color of the hair.


  • The products require at least three months of regular use to deliver a noticeable outcome.


Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

The product nourishes and strengthens thinning hair and improves the existing hair by supplying the right nutrients. Fortunately, the manufacturer, Viviscal, understands the root causes of hair problems and seeks to deliver results from within. Additionally, the manufacturer has a reputation for producing quality and effective products that are safe for regular use. This product focuses on addressing full-range of issues that impact on hair including hormonal changes, stress, aging, poor nutrition, some medication, over-styling menopause, and post-pregnancy effects. Surprisingly, a high percentage of women experience distress among other physical or physiological conditions that affect the growth of hair. This product seeks to eliminate the impact on hair and provide the necessary nutrients that favor regeneration of hair. Additionally, the ingredients that constitute this supplement strengthen the existing hair strands and prevent damages.


  • The product is formulated with the reputed AminoMar that addresses thinning problems naturally.
  • It contains varieties of ingredients like horsetail extracts, vitamin C, Zinc and proteins in the right proportions to enhance the hair growth process.
  • The product is suitable for regular use and does not pose any health risks to the user.
  • It addresses the root cause of weak hair strands, poor distribution, hair damage, and slow growth rate.


  • The supplement does not prevent, treat or even cure any hear related disease or health condition and therefore, the user should ascertain that the hair problems are not arising as a result of a disease.




HairAnew (Unique Hair Growth Vitamins With Biotin)

Hair is a prominent feature which influences confidence, career, and relationships. The product is meant to provide support to attain attractive hair. Past users of this product always give praises and keep going back for more. Every capsule constitutes eleven specially formulated ingredients that include vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, and various other elements that nourish the hair follicles, improve the hair growth rate and strengthen each strand. The capsules also contain biotin that nourishes the skin, strengthens the nails and introduces new stunning hair. The manufacturer has years in the production of cosmetic products and therefore understands the need of the customers. Additionally, the company sends each batch of products for a test in an independent laboratory to ensure they have the correct proportion of each ingredient and is safe from any contaminants.


  • The product addresses hair problems, strengthens nails and nourishes the skin.
  • The product contains a total of eleven specially-selected ingredients in the correct proportions to derive tangible results.
  • The capsules focus on treating the root cause of hair nail and skin problems and to stimulate hair growth.
  • The manufacturer ensures the safety of the product through regular independent laboratory tests.
  • The product is safe for continuous use and is vegan free, gluten free while it is not tested on animals.
  • The product is suitable for different types of hair.


  • It does not diagnose, treat or prevent any skin disease and therefore, the user should confirm with a doctor if the hair problems are arising from a health condition.
  • One has to use the product for at least a month to realize notable improvements.



Women’s Rogaine Once-A-Day Foam

This is the most amazing hair growth products on the market presently. The product is clinically proven to have the ability to stimulate natural regrowth of hair. Additionally, the unique ingredients that constitute this product reactivate the dormant hair follicles while strengthening the existing strands. It also promotes thickening of the hair and natural regeneration. When you purchase this product, you only have to apply it once every day as instructed and check the results after twelve weeks of use.


  • The product addresses a wide range of hair problems including treating scalp issues, weak hair strands, and slow growth rate.
  • The product promotes natural regeneration of hair and also supports fuller and thicker strands
  • The product is highly effective and easy to use
  • Most of the past buyers give positive reviews
  • It is quite safe for regular use since it does not contain any dangerous chemicals


  • The product is specifically formulated for women only.
  • It requires at least twelve weeks of daily use to derive substantial improvements.



Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

The hair growth shampoo contains caffeine, ketoconazole, and variety of essential oils to address several hair problems. The manufacturer keeps improving the product by evaluating indicators of efficiency and the feedback from the customers. While companies take standard shampoo and introduce hair growth ingredients, the manufacturer formulates this special shampoo with client’s needs in mind. Therefore, it contains effective components in the correct proportions to deriver holistic results. Besides maintaining the existing hair follicles, the product promotes regrowth.


  • The product contains caffeine which actively stimulates growth of strong hair and extends the follicles lifecycle.
  • The ketoconazole prevents inflammation and fungal infections. The shampoo is on the list of the top-rated dandruff shampoos.
  • The product contains saw palmetto that is known to prevent generation of DHT, which is a major cause of female and male baldness.
  • The shampoo is safe and easy to use deriving notable results within a period of about three months.


  • The shampoo requires regular use for three months according to the manufacturer’s instructions to notice improvements.


Women’s Rogaine Solution

Rogaine Solution is special for women with hereditary hair loss. It contains Minoxidil solution that reactivates inactive hair follicles for thicker and stronger strands. Minoxidil is FDA approved and proven to support regeneration and fast hair growth. After using the product twice daily for about eight weeks, you will notice regrowth even though you may have to continue using up to four months to notice tangible results. This remains the secret to strong, thick and healthy hair. If you take the product as part of your daily regimen, you will certainly be proud of your nice hair.



  • The product is effective in reversing the process of hereditary hair loss.
  • It contains active approved ingredients that support regrowth of hair and hence recommended for regeneration and fast growth of hair.
  • The product has undergone clinical trials and has derived desirable results to many people for over twenty years.
  • The product is compatible with other hair product and therefore you can use hairspray, or gel to style your hair when the formula dries.


  • You have to use this product for some time before you realize tangible results.



Ultrax Labs Hair Rush Max Hair Growth Nutrient Keratin Vitamin Supplement

The fast hair growing product contains twenty important vitamins, herbs, and minerals to boost hair growth. The increased growth rate is associated with the activity of the soluble keratin that accelerates the process. Besides, the product deals with hair loss problems and increase the thickness of the strands. Unlike most hair products, Hair Rush offers inside out support and nourishment to all types of hair. Additionally, it contains natural DHT inhibitors to address the root cause of hair loss.


  • The product contains powerful ingredients that include minerals, vitamins and plant extracts for effective results.
  • The active ingredients promote fast growth of healthier hair without posing any risks to the user.
  • Saw palmetto and extracts from pumpkin seeds reduce the enzymes that enhance conversion of testosterone into the hormone that leads to female or male baldness.
  • Hair Rush also contains Zinc, Vitamin B6Biotin, Magnesium among other key components that boost hair growth.
  • The product is effective and safe for continuous use by both men and women.
  • It derives relatively permanent results.


  • The product requires regular use for the attainment of the desired results.

Final Verdict

If you having a great hair seem a distant dream, attaining the dream is not as hard as you may think if you choose the right hair growth products. This collection of the best fast hair growth products ensures you find the best choice without spending much time. However, you should combine these fast hair products with proper dietary measures and safe hair care practices. If you have to use more than one product, ensure they are all safe and effective. A great way to tell if a product contains dangerous chemical is by paying attention to how your skin feels after application. Take care of your hair the way you take care of your skin and you will undoubtedly achieve a stunning hair.