Denim Hair Dye

Denim Hair Dye- The Latest Pastel Hair Color Trend

Of course, we have seen many pastel hair colors and for sure we are all captivated by the subtle colors from light pink to blue that we can see in hairs that are sometimes combined together to create a rainbow hair. But I know that you cannot get enough of this kind of hair color. No wonder that a new trend for pastel hair has once again emerged and it is called Demin Hair Color.

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Sounds weird? I know. It really sounds weird to seemingly wear denim in your hair. But if you will see how beautiful it is, you might even want one for yourself. Denim hair is like the denim we wear which comes in various tones from blue, purple and gray. Whatever suits your style, go ahead and wear it- on your hair!

denim hair color trend

The advantage of a denim hair is that it goes with everything and you don’t need to worry that your hair color will clash with what you are wearing. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to join the rainbow hair color trend, then you might consider this one.

This is another Instagram trend with the hastag #denimhair. I am sure that if you will see all the gorgeous denim hairs, you will no doubt fall in love with it too! Let us take a look at some of the denim hairs from Instagram.

#Denimhair…. Love or loathe? #haircolour #instahair

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Are you loving this denim inspiration by @vividhaircreations? We find it nothing short of fabulous! #hotonbeauty

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Very stunning, right? It sure is a stunner! It is like you can wear your paints on your hair. Lol. But kidding aside, it looks really nice and it appears like it would fit to anyone- not too bold, not to simple. Just right.

With denim hair color, you can get into endless possibilities for this kind of hair color from gray, a stonewash, indigo, or even deep-sea blue. Choose whatever you want! And yes, you can also try other pastel hair colors too like purple.

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