Dark Hair Colors

Great Ideas for Dark Hair Colors

If you think you are jaded with the same old look for your natural dark hair and want to add some spice and color to it, then the easiest and much interesting way to do that is by adding dark hair colors. Hair coloring trends and ideas for dark hair could be difficult to pick sometimes but it really doesn’t have to be so. In fact, the reflecting shiny quality of dark hair contributes well to adding some depth and color selection that light hair cannot possibly carry off.

As a prerequisite to deciding which hair coloring idea will match your dark hair, certain things need to be put into consideration. First is whether you want highlights in your dark hair colors or whether you need to color the hair completely.


What’s Next?

You might want to ask – what does highlighting your hair means? Well, it simply means coloring a few strands from your hair for style or to build a focus around that region in a particular haircut. There are more people who decide to highlight their hair with dark hair colors as they do not want to change the color of their entire hair and it makes for a dynamic look. Coloring your entire hair on the other hand gives you a complete new look. Whichever way it is, everything boils down to your preference – you choose whatever suits your taste!

Another important thing to consider before you decide to give your dark hair new color is your complexion. Depending on your skin tone, there are certain hair colors you need to abstain from. Here, there’s a little homework for you; go on to find out information about hair colors for your skin tone. People with pale skin tones should stay away from extremely dark colors while those with pink undertones should avoid red tones. If however you have a dark or tan skin, you want to avoid blonde colors and if yellow is your skin tone, stay away from deep gold hair color.


The Warm Category

For those who fall in the warm category, you might want to consider deep brown shades or strawberry brown shades. Usually, these people that fall in the warm category have a freckled or pale complexion with golden or brown undertones.

Black is certainly one of the favorite hair colors of 2015 and it is a perfect color for fair and tanned skin complexions. Although you have the choice to go for a color you prefer, it has to be one that will fit your skin complexion in order to avoid a dull and lifeless skin look. Conversely, if black suits your complexion, you will look very smart and attractive to that extent people will give second looks when you walk around.
For the best styles that will perfectly match any skin tone, you should get your hair dyed at a beauty salon or dye it with dark hair colors all by yourself using a hair coloring kit. For the best dark hair colors kit, you should check out our store with amazing discounts.