Dark Blonde Hair Color

3 Steps To A Cool Dark Blonde Hair Color Look!


If there is a true feminine dark color, then dark blonde hair color has to earn that title. Truly speaking, this color enhances your feminine beauty without overwhelming you with crap. That means that you won’t have to spend tons of time on makeup to adjust your look and feel when you dye your hair with dark blonde hair color; this hair color blends naturally with most skin tones. No matter how intricate your hairstyle is, this color is gonna work for you provided that the texture and softness of your hair is just about right. In this article I am going to tell you more about dark blonde hair color.


The Process: Coloring Your Hair With Dark Blonde Hair Color

Just like any other hair color, there is a certain process you need to follow when dying your hair with dark blonde hair color. As a first step, if your natural hair color is not either in the light blonde or medium brown ranges then you would need to bleach it in order to tone down the color of your hair to a lighter shade.




After you are done with bleaching you can use the appropriate dark blonde hair color product to get the dark blonde look you want. Note that if you have already dyed your hair with a different blonde shade or used golden highlights on your hair then the dark blonde hair color may not work as intended on your hair and the results may not be what you would expect from it!


The Maintenance: How To Maintain The Dark Blonde Color Of Your Hair

Believe it or not, maintaining dark blonde hair color is even harder than actually coloring your hair with it. Even if you use a permanent hair dye you would still need to maintain it. First of all, you need to make sure that the color stays intact for as long as possible. To do this, you must condition your hair regularly with a quality hair conditioner product. Apart from that, regular shampooing is also just as essential; the shampoo you choose should be free from chemicals, must be made of organic ingredients only and must offer special protection for newly dyed hair.



The Makeup: How To Enhance Your Dark Blonde Look With Additional Makeup

Even though makeup is not mandatory for dark blonde hair color, if you use makeup sparingly it can actually enhance your overall look even further. If your natural complexion is dark, consider lightening up your skin tone, using rose-colored or bronze-colored blushes, etc.



Keep in mind that the more neutral makeup colors you use the better you would look with a dark blonde hair color, and if you want to look edgy and sassy then only use extremely bright and flashy colors in makeup. If you want to go for the warm, feminine look and don’t want to look like a she-male then ochre, gold and brown are great colors you can use for your makeup. This way, both your hair and skin will glow in the same warm tones!

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