Dark Auburn Hair Colors

4 Do’s You Must Follow When Opting for the Dark Auburn Hair Colors

So you wanna become a redhead? Cool. Red is a very sexy and vibrant color so I can understand why you would want to go for it. However, have you done enough research and homework on the dark auburn hair colors? If not, then that is not cool at all. A lot of women go for this hair hue but few can sustain it or look good with it. In this article I will tell you about some of the things you should do when going for an auburn makeover.

Avoid Dandruff Shampoos

Dandruff shampoos are a no-no, no matter what hair dye you go for, but if you are going for dark auburn hair then it is mandatory not to use dandruff shampoos on your hair at all. If you suffer from dandruff then consider some other solution other than these harsh shampoos which would leech the red color of your hair pretty quickly and very soon you would look like a ‘faded redhead’!

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Cover Your Hair

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are like ultimate death for those with dark auburn hair. If your job requires you to go out in the midday sun and if you don’t protect your hair from sun’s rays then your red color would fade out pretty quickly. You should consider using a lotion which protects your hair from sun’s ultra violet rays; at the very least, use something like a hat or helmet to cover your hair.

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Get A Small Sample Of Your Hair Color From The Hair Stylist To Take Home

Not all hair stylists follow this rule of offering their clients the option of buying a small sample of the hair color which was just applied at the salon; if your hair stylist does not offer you this option then ask for it on your own. You can take this hair color back home and use it to maintain the shiny glaze of your newly dyed hair. Remember that the secret behind those bright-looking, dark auburn hair strands is regular maintenance. Regular maintenance would help keep up the shine and vibrancy of your newly made-up hair. In case you cannot get a sample kit from your hair colorist, consider using one of the color boosting glazes you can procure from Nice ‘n Easy; believe it or not, they are equally helpful in maintaining the shine of your red hair!

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Use Suitable Makeup

Getting your hair dyed auburn alone won’t make you look attractive- especially if you use the wrong types of skin and eye makeup. As far as your eyes are concerned, don’t use any heavy dark makeup on them, as they would look rather unflattering on a redhead. Don’t color your eyebrows red because it looks awkward when a person’s hair and eyebrow colors are same! Always, always try to color your lips pink; if you use blushes, then too consider the pink color more often. In spite of most people saying just the opposite, pink is one color which actually looks great on those with dark auburn hair!

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Follow the steps above to become an attractive redhead and catch the attention of even strangers! Find some further inspiration in our 2015 Hair Color Trends Guide!

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