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Top 6 Cute Hair Colors For This Season

Are you looking to get a complete overhaul of your hairstyle? Do you wish your hair looked cuter? Well in this article I will list some of the best and cutest cute hair colors that Hollywood celebs have been using of late.


Cute Hair Color #1 – Raven

Who said that black is boring? While dark hair color generally looks good on those whose skin tone is dark, it would look good even on women who have got lighter skin color. In fact, if your skin color is light and you color your hair dark, it would only help to enhance the attraction due to the contrasting colors. If your hair does not get noticed at all then you can opt for this bold hue which won’t fail to catch the attention of others! This is a color that almost any woman can go for. The rule of the thumb is that you should keep dyeing your hair as well as treat your hair with a decent conditioner regularly.

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Cute Hair Color #2 – Golden

Let us say that you are born with a natural blonde hair color. Assuming that you want multi-dimensional golden hair strands for yourself which look completely natural at first sight, getting your hair coated with the golden blonde dye is an ideal choice. But even if you are not a born blonde, don’t lose heart yet and don’t be scared to try out this hair color. Even brunettes can go for it. Look at Natalie Portman: if she can do it, why can’t you?

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Cute Hair Color #3 – Copper

If you are a brunette with a cream-colored skin tone, then you can do what Ashley Greene has done to her hair: dye it with copper hue. The shortcoming of this hue is that unless you gloss your hair regularly, your hair strands may look rather too edgy.

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Cute Hair Color #4 – Chocolate

If you have a light skin tone and want to go for a very deep dark color then chocolate is another idea choice you have. Those born with pinkish skin tone would look more attractive with a super shiny gloss of chocolate hue. The great thing about this color is that you won’t have to maintain it regularly.

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Cute Hair Color #5 – Ombre

Ombre is a hair coloring process which many women undergo regardless of their natural hair color. If you want your hair to look like Gisele Bündchen or Alex Chung then go ombre! If you are a natural brunette, you would want to tone down the color of your hair a bit before going for a bronze hue for your strands. This is something that would work for a lot of women but don’t blame me if people call your hair strands a little ‘jumpy’!

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Cute Hair Color #6 – Red

Redheads are supposed to more attractive than blondes or brunettes (no offense meant to anybody). If you wanna become a redhead this season a la Jessica Chastain – well, why not go for it? Get a shiny new hair and enjoy the adulation from other men and women.

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