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4 Cool Hair Colors For You

If you have got a cool or neutral skin undertone, then you are reading the right article. As a rule, cool hair colors are great for those with cool skin tones. In this article I am going to discuss some really terrific cool hair colors which you can use right away!

Is there really anything called the “best cool hair colors”: There are a lot of cool hair colors available such as red shades, blonde, auburn, etc. How then, do you know which color fits you the best? If you have a cool skin tone and go for a suitable cool hair color, then it would make your hair look more gorgeous and your skin brighter. A wrong color choice, however, would do just the opposite: instead of making your face glow and your hair shine, it would make you look like a terrible blunder! People won’t be able to withstand the garishness of your hair color and the happiness you had hoped to achieve after getting your hair dyed would never be yours. Now, let me discuss some really cool hair colors you can go for.


Cool Blonde Hair Color

For women who are blessed with cool skin undertones, blonde is a great color choice. Indeed, done right, blonde can look exceptionally good. Blonde does not have to be boring, provided that you use the right shade of blonde when dyeing your hair. If you are not sure, I would suggest that you go for the lighter shades of blonde; one example of such a light blonde shade is the ash blonde shade. When you use the proper blonde color shade, your skin and facial features would stand out and your hair should also shine and glow! Do not ever attempt to get your hair colored with warm blonde hues such as golden blonde, unless you want to appear old, pale and weary. Women with cool skin tones would make an awkward choice indeed if they go for warm colors; they should really go for blonde shades which are at least three shades lighter than the natural hue of their hair color; this way the colored hair would look natural rather than artificial!

If you are not doing the dye yourself, then that is good. I would suggest that you discuss with a hair stylist about which blonde shade would go best for your skin tone. Remember that often it is not just your hair color that you should change; you should also change the look of your eyes and lips by using appropriate eyeliners and lipstick respectively. If you have got black hair color then blonde would look cheap on you, unless you are willing to go for a ton of bleaching. Blonde is otherwise a very cool hair color which goes really well for those women whose natural hair color is also soft and light.

A downside of blonde hair color is that it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. You need to use proper hair conditioners in order to make sure that your dye does not fade away too soon. You also need to use organic shampoos which don’t contain any kind of harsh chemicals. Of course, you can have all this done for you by your hair stylist, so that you won’t have to lift a finger!




Cool Red Hair Color

Keep in mind that while red is a great color choice for those blessed with cool skin undertones, not all red colors are created equal. Some reds won’t complement your skin, while others such as violet red or blue red would not only complement your skin but also make your hair shine. The colors that would look like crap on you are strawberry red hair color and orange red hair color; if you use any of them you would look like a washed out ghost, to be honest! I see some women who color both their hair and lips red; do not be one of those fools! These women really make themselves look awkward and cheap with their poor color choices. If you have dyed your hair red, you should not do the same for your lips too; you should rather choose a warmer color for your lipstick such as nude pink!




Cool Brunette Hair Color

There is no better way to complement your cool skin tone than with an equally cool hair color called brunette. This is one color which makes not just your hair glow but helps to add an extra shine to your skin. If you want your facial features to stand out in an even better way then you can go for even darker brown color shades instead! Avoid any kind of colors which are too showy, including dull auburn hair color; these showy colors do nothing but make you look pale as a ghost. When you have got a skin with cool color undertones, such as say, pink, then brassy colors don’t just sit well with such colors and instead of complementing your skin they cry out loud the fact that you have DYED your hair! Avoid these colors like the plague! You can complement your brunette hair color even further by using an equally cool and appropriate lipstick!




Cool Black And Dark Hair Color

If your natural hair color is dark then you are in luck, because this color goes so well with your cool skin tone that you really don’t need to think too long and hard about choosing the right dark red hair color for yourself. In fact, you don’t need to do much about your hair at all, apart from glossing it regularly with a dark gloss. By doing this your eyes and facial features would stand out and so would your hair! If you really want a dye recommendation though, brown would be an ideal choice: especially dark brown color. When you add dark brown to your equally dark hair color you would really look awesome. The reason why black or dark hair colors are so popular is because they complement the natural skin tone of women very well and make them look sexier!





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