Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

Best Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

It is everyone’s desire to have appealing, thick and full hair. Unfortunately, maintaining healthy hair is a great challenge to most people particularly due to unhealthy diet, stress, effect of medication and aging process. As a result, a high number of hair growth products get to the market every year to address the problem which only makes the job of having good hair even more complicated. As someone who has experienced hair loss in the past, I can tell you that most of these products are not effective since I tried several of them with little success before I found the right ones.

Like most people, I used to consider the manufacturer or the brand name when purchasing hair products and often overlooked the key ingredients of the product. I had spent a lot of money before I learnt the need to evaluate the benefits of various ingredients of hair products. Out of the many products I experimented with I had the best results with coconut oil for hair loss as it repaired my damaged hair, improved hair cuticles, eliminated fungal problems and contributed to hair growth.

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How coconut oil for hair loss supports hair growth?

Hair growth goes hand-in-hand with proper hair care. Besides supplying your hair with the full range of nutrients, you should apply hair products that moisturizes and protects the hair to attain amazing appearance. The coconut oil for hair loss protects and promotes hair growth in a number of ways:

  • Retaining moisture: Moisture is important for thick and healthy hair. Regular application of coconut oil is by far the most effective way of protecting and moisturizing hair as it penetrates the shaft and insulates the strands from impurities and heat.
  • Binding hair protein: The fatty acids link up with the protein that makes up hair protecting the strands from splitting or breakage. Additionally, the lauric acid present in the coconut oil derives better outcomes than sunflower oils and probably most sources of minerals.
  • Providing nutrients: Coconut oil contains important nutrients that improve the luster and texture of the hair. The hair becomes much soft after a short duration of use. Besides, coconut oil is a natural antioxidant and contains iron, vitamin E and K to boost hair growth and eliminates dandruffs.
  • Antifungal and antibacterial properties: The hair and scalp usually have high fungal and bacterial content that may lead to hair loss. Products containing coconut oil are ideal in protecting against dandruffs, lice and bacterial effects due to the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. This promotes hair growth.
  • Enhancing blood circulation: A scalp massage with coconut oil may solve a number of issues by enhancing blood circulation to the scalp, improving supply of nutrients and promoting delivery of oxygen to the hair.

How I selected the best coconut oils hair products

I used very objective criteria to identify the best coconut oils anti-hair loss products. Purity, safety and effectiveness product were my main concerns. In addition, I tried to find the hair products that contain variety of other effective ingredients that are likely to solve several hair issues. Lastly, my experience using some of the products as well as customers feedback helped me pick the best. After applying this systematic approach, I can safely say that I have the best coconut oil for hair loss. They include:

1. Biotin (High Potency) 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel: Enhanced With Coconut Oil For Better Absorption

This product has the capacity to transform your hair since it combines the benefits of biotin and those of the coconut oil. While biotin supports the hair, skin and nails, the coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the strands. Additionally, biotin is known to stimulate hair growth and regeneration of the dormant ones. Thus, biotin deficiency is associated with dermatitis, hair loss, neurological issues, and weak nails. The soluble biotin supplement enhanced with pure coconut oil is certainly all you require to give your hair a boost in the most natural way. You can get it here at Amazon.


  • The product combines biotin which promotes hair growth with coconut oil that protects hair to derive admirable results.
  • The manufacturer, Sports Research, maintains quality standards by ensuring test of each batch of products by an independent laboratory before release to the market.
  • The product is based on pure and natural components and hence does not pose any health risks. It is thus safe for regular use.
  • Besides supporting hair growth, the product nourishes the skin and strengthens the nails.
  • The coconut oil promotes absorption of biotin for tangible outcomes within a reasonable time.

Most customers give positive reviews indicating effectiveness of the product.


  • The product requires regular use for at least twelve months for significant improvement.


2. Cococare Coconut Oil, 4 Ounce

This is probably the most amazing skin and hair product in the market presently. Unlike most hair products that contain numerous components some of which may have adverse effect on the user, Cococare is hundred percent pure. If you have rough and dry skin and hair, coconut oil is an ideal remedy. You can get it at Amazon here.


  • The product is pure, clean and hence safe for regular use.
  • The coconut oil has a high absorption rate increasing efficiency and effectiveness. It keeps the skin and hair moisturized without feeling greasy.
  • Unlike most hair and skincare products, coconut oil has no artificial scents, only light fragrance that usually fades easily.
  • The non-irritating product promotes preserves hair and prevents splitting, thinning and breakage.
  • The product is suitable for both men and women while it does not alter the color of the hair.


  • Coconut oil is solid when you keep it under cool conditions but may melt when kept in a warm place.
  • The product is almost odorless hence a perfume may be necessary for some people.


3. Viva Labs The Fitness Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounces

The manufacturer of this product ensures optimal freshness by maintaining non-GMO verification and USDA certification. The product is thus safe from hexane, deodorizers and artificial ingredients that may cause temporary or chronic problems. You can use the coconut oil as dietary supplements for baking, cooking and as beauty routine. For the best results, you should take 1-4 tablespoons daily. The coconut oil is quite effective in addressing hair problems like breakage, hair loss and thinning. In addition, it nurtures the skin and improves the overall health of the user. You can get it at Amazon here.


  • You can use the product as an alternative to margarine or butter in baking or preparing your favorite meals since it is a healthy option.
  • It is excellent in skin care due to the ability to nourish and moisturize dry areas such as elbow, knees and heels.
  • The product protects and promotes growth of hair in natural ways. It restores the natural appearance, improves hydration and manageability.
  • It is rich in MCTs, a wonderful form of fatty acids that provide energy, increase stamina, and enhance metabolism.
  • The product is hundred percent pure, certified organic and is cold-pressed to preserve natural benefits.
  • It introduces favorable taste, unique aroma and offers full range of health benefits.


  • The product requires regular use for effective results since it works from within.


4. Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, 16 Oz

This is miraculous oil that is perhaps the best for aromatherapy massage. The reputable manufacturer of the fractionated coconut oil processes it is a systematic approach that eliminates all long chain fatty acids. Thus, the product contains on the medium fatty acids that are quite healthy. The processed coconut oil is rich in caprylic and capric acid that gives it disinfecting and antioxidant attributes. It preserves hair, moisturizes skin, sooths irritations and eliminates acne. Besides, it solves a variety of skin and hair issues as well as conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Get it here at


  • The product does not contain the long-chain fatty acids hence eliminating possible negative effects on the user.
  • Due to acidic qualities, the product acts as antioxidant and a disinfectant thus preventing hair and skin infections.
  • The fractionated coconut oil is sulfate free, paraben free and hexane free while the coconut trees are grown organically in south China, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Unlike the natural form of coconut oil, the fractionated coconut oil retains liquid state even under low temperature thus easier to use.
  • You can use it with other ingredients as moisturizer, lip balm, natural deodorant, makeup remover, hair conditioner, face wash, sunburn remedy, shaving cream among other uses.


  • The product is colorless and odorless and therefore may not appeal to most people.
  • Regular use is necessary for effective results.


5. Art Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil 16 Oz 10% Natural And Pure

While coconut oil has been a core ingredient in most hair and skincare products, there has never been a better way to maximize its health benefits. The Art Naturals has enhanced the cosmetic benefits for timeless pure and effective hair and skin treatment. The manufacturer is top-rated for effective natural and organic cosmetic products that have healing and moisturizing qualities that suit dry hair, rough skin, chapped lips, cracked hands or other body parts. It is an excellent hair care product that strengthens, nourishes and moisturizes dry and damaged strands. Get it here at


  • The fractionated oil has both cosmetic and antiseptic qualities making it a great skin and hair care product.
  • It is 100% pure with no dangerous additives, artificial perfumes or chemicals.
  • The product has natural healing qualities; therefore, it can reverse damaged hair, dry skin, cracked lips and rough skin.
  • It could be used for minor cuts, burns or crapes since it is a soft alternative to most painful chemicals like peroxide.
  • Art Naturals Fractionated coconut oil is cruelty-free, vegan-free, and paraben-free and does not have the irritating greasy residue.


6. Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin By COCO & CO. Beauty Grade 100% RAW

This is an excellent choice for skin and hair treatment. It is relatively superior since it comes from fresh organic coconuts and undergoes special process to maximize purity and health benefits. Its purity and unique qualities make it ideal for a number of uses. You can use it as hair product, moisturizer, makeup remover, massage oil, shaving cream, carrier oil, and can eliminate, stretch marks, age spots, wrinkles and acne. It has high absorption rate, and hence does not take long before you realize results. Get it here.


  • The oil is pure and safe for cooking and other oral uses.
  • It is super fine for easy absorption and has silky texture with no greasy residue effect.
  • It addresses hair problems, health issues and has variety of cosmetic advantages.
  • The product suits personal lubrication needs, hair care, anti-fungal product, cooking needs, deodorant, fitness uses among others. It is quite hard to find a product with such versatility.
  • The oil has no odor, taste or color and is hundred percent pure.
  • It goes at affordable cost taking into considerations its effectiveness and quality standards.


  • The coconut oil requires regular use especially for hair loss problems.


7. Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Hair Mask 8.8 Oz

The premium coconut oil is specially processed to maintain purity and enhance effectiveness in repairing the hair. When you treat your hair with this coconut oil, your hair will be hydrated deeply to keep soft yet strong enough to resist breakage. The product prevents hair loss in the most natural approach, supports regeneration of new follicles and improves the appearance, texture and manageability. Additionally, the effective product is sulfate free, paraben free and does not contain any dangerous chemical. Get it here.


  • The product promotes development of rough and dry hair into appealing silky soft and strong strands.
  • The pure coconut oil offers protection from damages, heat or unfavorable elements of weather.
  • It is specially formulated to provide hair care and mixed with Moroccan Argan oil to enhance the benefits.
  • The product also contains a small percentage of shea butter that support hair growth and contains vitamin E that prevent splitting as well as premature greying.
  • The oil is thick for easy application to the dry of wet hair. It suits different types of hair and is safe for regular use.


  • You have to use the product for reasonable time to realize tangible improvements.



8. Coconut Oil Hair Mask, Deep Conditioner For Damaged & Dry Hair

The product presents a great way to strengthen weak, brittle or damaged hair without spending much. Besides promoting hair growth, the oil restores healthy shine, luster and soft texture. In addition, it offers protection and healing moisture that appear to repair split ends, tame frizz and renew volume, thickness and strength. When you treat your hair with this product, you will not have to worry about impact of heat or continuous styling since it offers sufficient protection. Besides these benefits, the product does not pose any risks, as it contains all natural ingredients.Get it here.


  • The product is paraben free, sulfate free and composed of natural components hence safe for regular use.
  • It is quite effective in dealing with hair loss, thinning and breakages.
  • The product renews strands and gives all types of hair a natural radiance by keeping it soft, hydrated and shiny.
  • The high number of positive reviews from the past customers is an indication that the product meets their hair care needs.


  • Regular use is necessary for continuous enjoyment of the hair growth benefits of the product.


9. Coconut Oil Hair Mask From Majestic Pure

The product provides natural treatment by hydrating each strand and forming a shiny restorative mask that heals the damaged or dry strands. It is rich in natural extracts to improve appearance, texture, and manageability. The innovative formula focuses on promoting hair growth, restoring moisture and combating breakages for vibrant appearance. You can get it here from Amazon.


  • The product restores natural balance and hydrates hair.
  • It improves appearance, texture, and restores elasticity, manageability and shine.
  • It contains ingredients that prevent hair loss and repair damaged strands naturally.
  • The product is hundred percent pure and composed of natural ingredients hence safe and effective


  • The product requires continuous use for at least three months for the user to notice tangible outcomes.


Final Verdict

If you are facing hair loss problems, coconut oil for hair loss is undoubtedly a great hair care product to consider. My list of the best hair products containing coconut oil has just made your search much easier. You only have to identify your needs and pick the product that addresses those needs. Good luck!