Blue Black Hair Dye

2 Steps From Black Hair To Blue Hair

Are you a black-haired woman who wants to dye her hair blue but are not sure if it is possible or not? Well the good news is that it IS very much possible for you to get a bluish hair. In this article I am going to tell you how to go about it.


Bleaching It Right

You will need to bleach your black hair as a first step, as you are going to color your hair with a lighter shade like blue. Depending on how you want to go about it, you may need to bleach your hair anything from two to five times or maybe more. For instance, if you want to merely add a bluish tinge to your hair then you won’t need to bleach your hair much but you want to dye your entire hair blue then the minimum number of bleaches you need is five; this is not a definite number of course and for some women the magic number could be six.

In order to bleach your hair down to the lightest hue possible, I would suggest that you go for a forty-volume developer. The 30-volume one does not work for all types of black haired women. You may already know that the ends or tips of your hair are older and more damaged parts of your hair compared to the roots of your hair (or hair scalp). As such, in order for the process of bleaching to be successful, you would want to bleach your hair from the bottom: the ends of your hair – and move your way toward the scalp. Don’t get scared if your hair color suddenly changes to yellow, orange or blonde. When black haired women, especially those with black-brown hair, bleach their hair, the hair usually goes through these changes in tone. There is nothing to be afraid about it; keep bleaching your hair! Keep in mind that you should protect your skin from the harmful effects of bleaching by applying a suitable skin lotion on it before starting the bleaching process. Watch this tutorial to do it right!


Dyeing It Right – Blue Black Hair Dye

Now that you have got your hair bleached, it is time to move on to the next step of the process: dyeing it. Once again you need to apply a protection on your skin such as a good quality petroleum jelly or skin lotion in order to protect it from your hair dye. You should dye your hair in the afternoon or evening so that the dye stays on your hair for the entire might; remember, the longer you leave the dye on your hair, the more permanent the hair color change would be! Once you have got your black hair blued right, you need to change your hair washing habits a bit. Remember the more often you wash your hair the more you would lose the color of your hair. Ideally you should not be washing your hair more than once or twice per week. If using a shampoo is a must for you then consider using a dry shampoo.



Here is wishing you all the best with your new, blue-haired avatar! Show it off to your circle of friends and let them shower you with heaps of praise , as you deserve it!