Bio Ionic One Pass Iron Review

Bio Ionic One Pass Iron

The world is in dire need of excellent-quality hair straighteners. One of the best recommendations given is the Bio Ionic One Pass. It heats up fast yet light enough to bring with you – perfect for people who can never stay in one place. It also glides easily with any hair type and delivers salon-quality results. If your curly hair takes the joy out of you, Bio Ionic One Pass is what you need. With it, bad hair days will soon become history.

Bio Ionic One Pass Iron Features

Silicone Speed Strips

If there is one thing every person goes for when it comes to choosing a hair straightener, it is the speed. Especially when the person is in a hurry to go to the office or to school, she would want an iron that is faster and easier to use. With its silicone speed strips, it allows the user to have elegant and soft hair with just one pass. With the help of these strips, you can straighten your hair within a very short span of time because it is capable of delivering very high negative ion levels to your hair.

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The silicone strips are also known to work 50% faster than ordinary hair straighteners, hence, producing smooth hair in no time. Because of these strips, Bio Ionic One Pass Iron allows every person to achieve a hassle-free soft and tender hair regardless of your hair type.

Nano-Ionic Material Technology

This new technology is capable of giving your hair a quicker way to be straightened. This is because the plates are Nano-infused with ions that can foster faster heating and consistent temperatures. Ceramic technology allows the plates to work on every kind of hair including the curliest of hairs.

These plates themselves can be used seamlessly for taming frizz close to the head and they are wide enough to be used with thick hair. Of course, this does not mean that it cannot handle short hair. The huge amount of heat produced with these sleekly deigned plates allows you to straighten up your hair faster without you wasting any more of your time. When you run the plates straight from the roots of the hair cuticles up to the ends of your hair, you will certainly achieve that pin straight look that many of you love. The plates are also light and thin making it easier to work with any type of hair.

To get better results, you can also try using ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector that shields your hair from the effects of heat and sun damage by infusing it with natural oils or the HIS Professional Thermal Protector 450 which is infused with vitamins A, B, C, and D is sulfate-free made in the USA. Both products will help you get a smooth, hydrated and frizz-free hair when it is sprayed on. And remember that it should be used before flat ironing or styling with heated tools.

The Multilevel Heat Controller

This feature manages the amount of heat that is delivered to your hair. It has a wide range of temperature that you can choose from so there is no problem in giving every person a silky, soft, smooth hair within a few minutes. It is entirely up to you to choose the setting that best suits your hair type.

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This 120 Volt Bio Ionic hair straightener can heat up very fast. It just takes around five to eight seconds to heat up and ready for use. If you have a naturally soft hair, all it takes is just one pass and you are good to go. If you have a wavy or a curly hair, it might need to take three passes. Make sure to always use a heat protector when using this iron because of the heat that it can deliver like the Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling.

Other Features

It has a long swivel cord with no test or reset button. This comes in handy especially if you are the type who travels a lot and might experience shortage of power outlets in a hotel. The swivel cord can actually prevent tangles in the power cord. The lightweight plates reduce hand-fatigue, and it has a five-year warranty so there is no need to freak out.

Final Thoughts

So, why choose the Bio Ionic One Pass Iron? This is an incredible iron without a doubt. It has heat sensors that are flexible keeping the Nano-ionic plates at a consistent heat. Its sleek design allows it to be used by any type of hair possible.