Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

If you want to maintain shiny, strong and healthy hair, it is important to ensure constant supply of essential vitamins. Before I came to know this, I was almost getting a bald head due to continuous hair loss, thinning and hair damage. The most interesting benefit of best vitamins for hair growth is that they nourish the hair from inside such to derive long lasting results.

Thus, your hair will not fall out when you stop taking the essential vitamins. Vitamin C, Vitamin B7 and vitamin B3 are probably the most important in promoting hair growth. Unfortunately, most people cannot access these vitamins in their diet and hence the need to take the hair growth vitamins. Now that you know, you should not take just any product that provides vitamins since some products will not work. I tried several of them before I got the effective ones, and therefore chose to help others with similar hair problems.

Why should you take best vitamins for hair growth?

Various vitamins work to promote faster growth of attractive, think and strong hair. Additionally, products containing vitamins, minerals and natural DHT inhibitors are effective in preventing both male and female pattern baldness. They are the best choice for women and men who have their hairline receding. For instance, biotin which is a B-vitamin complex supports faster hair growth by renewing the existing hair follicles and strengthening the strands. Fortunately, it is quite easy to maintain constant supply of biotin since the body produces it in the intestines while you can get it from egg yolk, various nuts and green vegetables. Biotin deficiency usually leads to hair damage and hair loss and thus, if you are unable to access foods rich in biotin, you should consider taking hair growth supplements containing biotin to attain a stunning hair.

Vitamin C is also amazing since it is water soluble and has antioxidant properties. It is a crucial in the production of collagen, an essential protein that constitutes a third of our body. Hence, if you provide vitamin C, you are likely to have healthy skin, hair and ligaments. The anti-oxidant qualities make vitamin C important in preventing damages arising from free radicals in the body that often make the hair weak and brittle. Vitamin C deficiency is usually associated with dry and splitting hair that may seem a symptom of a strange disease. Continuous lack of Vitamin C results in excessive hair loss within a relatively short time. If you are experiencing such challenges, you should consider using the best hair growth products supplying this essential vitamin.

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Are hair growth vitamins for women effective?

I will tell you the truth that not all hair growth vitamin supplements will work for you. You have to choose the products that are clinically proven to stimulate hair growth by nourishing hair growth naturally. After struggling with challenges of hair loss for quite a long time, I usually search for results of the recent clinical trials to find the effective hair products that promote thickening and fast hair growth. Even though individual factors may influence the rate of hair growth, it is certain that insufficient supply of essential vitamins slows the growth process.

Fortunately, you can maintain the best environment for hair growth like I did by providing essential nourishments. A product that combines all the necessary vitamins for hair growth usually prevent thinning, hair damage and ensure natural regeneration of hair. Whether you are facing hair challenges due to hormonal changes, aging process, over-styling stress or physiological conditions such as pregnancy, supplying your body with vitamins in the right quantities will derive desirable results. I have a list of the best hair growth vitamins for women that supply vitamins that will improve your hair.


How I selected the hair growth vitamins

I compiled the list of the products after considering purity of these products, reviewing the results of clinical trials and evaluating customers’ feedback. I aimed at selecting the hair growth product with natural source of ingredients that are less likely to cause harm to the user even after prolonged use. Additionally, I focused on the best supplements that have vitamin for hair growth essential for long lasting improvements on your hair by solving most of the main hair problems. These products supply key nutrients to nourish follicles, lengthen the growing (Anagen) phase and strengthen strands naturally. Here are the best vitamins for hair growth.


1. Brock Beauty Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins Capsules

This is one of the most effective vitamin supplements that promote hair growth and supports the existing hair. The supplement focus on addressing the root cause of dry hair, thinning and splitting of hair and thus derives tangible results after a reasonable duration of use. Apart from improving the existing hair, the vitamin supplements initiate natural hair regeneration process and increases the rate of growth. Besides, the supplements strengthen hair and nails and prevent breakages. It contains a unique blend of natural vitamins to transform hair and introduce a lasting appeal that most people will admire. If you are struggling with hair challenges, Hairfinity hair vitamin capsules are likely to deriver tangible results within twelve weeks. You can get it here at Amazon.



  • The product is composed of natural vitamins therefore reducing chances of adverse effects on the user.
  • The supplements nourish the hair inside out to derive long lasting improvements unlike most hair products.
  • The product promotes natural regeneration of dormant follicles solving problems of baldness and thinning and slow growth.
  • The supplements are clinically proven to stimulate faster hair growth with less hair damage or splitting.
  • The vitamins contained in this product strengthen even the existing hair and prevents further damage.
  • The product is Soy free, GMO free, Cruelty free and Gluten free and therefore safe for continuous use.
  • The product suits all types of hair and does not alter the color or desirable changes caused by use of other hair products.


  • The capsules do not prevent, diagnose or treat any disease. In case you identify symptoms of a disease, you should consult your healthcare provider for proper assessment.
  • One has to use this product for some time before he or she realizes tangible results since it depends of a natural hair improvement process. The product will not change your hair overnight.


2. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrients Tablets

The top rated product improves and nourishes weak and thinning hair and strengthens the existing strands from within. The manufacturer, Viviscal has years of operation to understand the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for growth of amazing hair. Unlike most hair growth supplements, Viviscal nutrients tablets solve hair problems arising from different causes, for instance, poor nutrition, stress, effects of hormonal changes, medication, pregnancy and the natural aging process. The strong dietary supplement is specially formulated and clinically assessed to nourish hair naturally. Since excess vitamins and other nutrients may have adverse effects on the hair, these tablets have them in the right quantities for excellent results. Moreover, it contains the reputable Marine complex AminMar in addition to vitamin C, horsetail extracts and traces of minerals such as zinc. You can get it at Amazon here.


  • The product comes from a top-rated manufacturer reputed for producing safe and effective products that address variety of problems. The customers are assured that the manufacture understands their needs and is committed to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • The product relies on a natural nourishment system that works on the dormant follicles as well as the existing hair to improve appearance and strength of the strands.
  • The hair growth nutrition supplements constitute variety of effective ingredients most of which as clinically proven to improve hair and support natural hair regeneration process.
  • The product contains the right amount of vitamin C and essential proteins for strong hair and nails. Additionally, it contains AminoMar an effective ingredient that is only present in Viviscal products.
  • The product does not contain any harmful artificial content that may pose health risks to the user.
  • The supplements are safe for continuous use by people with diverse types of hair.


  • You have to use the product for quite some time to realize tangible results since it works from within.
  • You may have to use it with scalp shampoos, lotion, hair conditioner or effective application hair products for effective results.


3. HairAnew (unique hair growth vitamins with biotin) Tested- For hair skin and nails.

HairAnew seeks to support your hair in every way to boost your confidence. With these supplements, you are assured of getting the best hair attainable with least struggle. Each of the capsules constitutes eleven ingredients which include extracts from herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and variety of minerals as well as trace elements that support faster and holistic hair growth. The ingredients are in the correct proportions to nourish follicles for hair regeneration and improvement of the existing hair. In addition, the daily dose (two capsules) contains 5000mcg biotin for vibrant hair and strong nails. One of the key reasons I selected this product is because of the high number of positive feedback from customers. additionally, the manufacturer usually sends samples from each batch of supplements to a lab for independent testing to ascertain safety, efficiency and quality of the product. Get it at Amazon here.


  • The product contains wide variety of ingredients that strengthen the hair and prevent damage without posing any health risks.
  • The supplements are safe due to periodic testing in an independent library. The tests ensure the ingredients are in the right quantities and there are no traces of heavy metals, bacteria, or dangerous substances that pose health risks to the user.
  • Besides supporting natural hair growth, the product nourishes the nails as well as the skin hence a unique formula.
  • The supplements are Soy free, GMO free, Cruelty free and Gluten free while the manufacturer does not test them on animals. This is a great sign of responsibility.
  • The product receives high number of positive feedback from customers indicating that its effectiveness.
  • The supplements suit the needs of both men and women in relation to slow hair growth, thinning, hair damage and hair loss.


  • The product requires continuous use for at least three months to realize tangible results.
  • The supplements focus on nourishing hair follicles and thus may treat or prevent any hair problems. You may have to combine it with other meds to prevent or cure a disease.


4. PARA D’OR hair loss prevention therapy premium organic argan oil shampoo 16 fluid ounce

This product is reputed for preventing male and female pattern baldness in a natural way. It contains broad range of effective components that supply nutrients to nourish hair follicles, increase the rate of hair growth, reverse hair damage, prevent thinning, and stimulate regeneration of new hair strands. The hair growth shampoo is free from harmful chemicals that are the major contributing factor to chronic hair problems. The three major categories of ingredients include vitamins that nourish and strengthen strands; niacin that enhances supply of nutrients and natural DHT blockers to prevent baldness. The blend of the ingredients with argan oil, nettle extracts, biotin, He shout Wu and saw palmetto make the product an ideal choice for a variety of hair problems. You can get it here at Amazon.


  • The shampoo has all the components in the right proportion to ensure bioavailability of the essential nutrients for increased absorption.
  • You can use this product to prevent hair loss unlike most hair products that focus on resolving the existing problems.
  • The supplement contains twelve DHT blockers and hence eliminates the underlying cause of hair loss before supplying the hair with important nutrients.
  • The hair growth product contains numerous vitamins that support growth of thick and strong hair.
  • It contains no parabens, gluten, SLS or any dangerous chemicals that may lead to chronic hair challenges. Therefore, it is safe for regular use by both men and women.


  • The product derives significant improvements after a reasonable period of regular use and thus may not suit the users hoping for instant changes.


5. Ultrax Labs hair rush DHT blocking hair loss Maxx hair growth nutrients with solubilized keratin vitamin supplements

The product contains over twenty vitamins, essential minerals and herb extracts to grant a natural hair boost. It is based on effective ingredient (soluble keratin) that increases hair thickness, accelerates growth, and prevents hair loss. The manufacturer understands the follicular functioning, and thus formulates the product to offer sufficient nourishment for amazing hair. Get it here at


  • The product features advanced growth stimulating ingredients for regeneration of new strands and faster growth of the existing ones.
  • The manufacturer employs advanced technique to ensure presence of solubilized keratin that has great positive impact on hair.
  • It contains vitamins to nourish the follicles and nettle extracts to block DHT naturally to prevent baldness.
  • It offers inside out nourishment since it combines vitamins with biotin and variety of minerals.>
  • The product contains saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extracts and other extracts that accelerate growth of hair.


  • For tangible results, the user has to use the product for at least ninety days.


6. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements

The product focuses at providing holistic nourishment for long lasting results. Whether the hair problems arises from old age, stress, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, over-styling or medication, the product proves effective for most users. The product is scientifically formulated to supply hair follicles with vitamins and other nutrients for excellent hair growth. It deals with challenges of thinning, hair damage and hair loss in addition to accelerating hair growth. Besides, the supplements contain the marine complex AminoMar which thickens strands and lengthen the hair growth cycle. The ingredients of the hair growth supplements include vitamin C, zinc and horsetail extracts. Get it here at


  • The supplements are scientifically formulated to support holistic nourishment without posing any health risks.
  • The tablets encourage growth of existing hair as well as regeneration of new ones for a stunning look.
  • The product contains AminoMar, Vitamins and twenty-two percent essential proteins all of which support hair growth.
  • The supplements are a product of a reputable company that is well-known to produce quality and safe cosmetic products.
  • Most past users praise the product indicating ability to solve their hair problems.


  • Since it works from within, one has to use the product regularly for at least twelve weeks to notice tangible results.


7. Biotin (high proficiency) 5000mcg per veggie softgel

The product is enhanced with coconut oil to improve absorption. The main ingredient, Biotin plays a critical role in the body to derive smooth skin, strong nails, healthy cell and healthy hair. In addition it supports metabolism and improves overall health. Biotin deficiency leads to hair loss, dermatitis, slow hair growth rate and neurological complications. The water-soluble biotin supplements supply the body with the right quantity for strong and healthy hair and nails. If you are losing hair due to biotin deficiency, this product is an excellent choice.Get it here at Amazon.


  • The product does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals hence safe for regular use.
  • The manufacturer is committed to maintaining quality standards and sends the product for independent testing periodically.
  • The supplements provide the major ingredient necessary to support hair growth.
  • It is quite safe, effective and affordable.


  • You may have to combine it with other hair products for better results.
  • The supplements require regular use to derive tangible outcomes.


Final Verdict

Before you claim to have chronic hair problems, you need to supply your hair with the right nutrients. Vitamins are quite important and thus you should ensure you combine dietary measures with the best vitamin supplements. The vitamins will not only strengthen hair and stop breakages but also accelerate growth. With the high number of hair growth vitamins in the market, some of which pose health risks, you should consider the ones discussed above first. Nevertheless, best vitamins for hair growth should not replace healthy diet; thus, you should eat well as you continue using the products.