BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron Review

It is every girl’s dream to look great all the time which would even result in long hours of preparation before leaving the house. Aside from putting makeup, the hair also requires a lot of time to fix in order to look beautiful. Ladies- both with curly hair and straight hair- would no doubt spend time facing the mirror just to get the hairstyle they want.

For ladies with curly locks, they might grab flat irons to achieve a straight hair, just to look different from time to time. For ladies with straight hair, they might also want to get a temporary wave or a curly hair to match their OOTDs. And you can actually do both by using a flat iron for your hair.


But buying a hair straightener could be very time consuming and challenging especially if you are not sure which one to get. Of course, you have so many choices and you don’t want to commit a mistake by buying the wrong one because you don’t want to waste money or worse, burn your hair.

The trick to get a perfect straight hair is to get the right straightening iron that will minimize your time in handling your hair and will give you the best results ever just like the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Review

This ultra-slim flat iron has received hundreds of positive reviews. It is perfect for different kind of hair types may it be short or long, thin or thick. It features titanium plates making it one of the best flat irons.

Because of its titanium plates, even the most frizzy and coarse hair can be straightened smoothly. Your hair will be much smoother, softer and nicer because of this product. The plates give off negative ions which minimizes heat damage.

Instead of 1-30 counters to for the heat settings, this one show specific temperature so you will know which temperature you will use to easily straighten your hair. Using 410 to 450 temperature will give lasting results. The hair will also be less static and expect fewer fly-aways because the plates will not pull or tug your hair.

While some users are expecting to see a sudden curl or frizz on their hair in the middle of the day, this flat iron will actually not give you that because your hair will look smooth and beautiful all day long.

To make sure that your hair will remain straight, you can apply HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector 450 with Argan oil or ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector before you start ironing. This way, your hair will be protected from the heat and you will get a smoother, hydrated, soft, and shiny for longer hours.

But you really don’t need to worry about heat because this straightening iron has a far-infrared heat which protects your hair. Hence, even the highest temperatures will not burn your hair. As a matter of fact, it will help to seal in the hair’s moisture and natural oils that are necessary to get a shiny and healthy hair even after heat exposure.

It is just 1 3/4″ in width and 5″ in length but this size is very effective and can help lessen the styling time. Also, it becomes a nice product not just as a hair straightener but also as a curling iron at the same time.

Why We Love Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Not Just a Hair Straightener

If you think it is just available in baby blue casing, you are wrong. It also comes in a dark blue or leopard casing. Or you can also get the one which is a curling wand combo. But even if you don’t buy it with the curling wand and flat iron combo, you can still use the Nano Titanium flat iron as a curling iron.

Aside from giving you smooth straight hair, it is easy to make curls especially because of its thin width. You can achieve pretty sweet curls or waves depending on how you twist and twirl your hair around the iron.

Size Benefits

We have mentioned that this flat iron is very small with plates that are just 1 3/4-inches in width. But because of that thin feature, it is easy to hold. Its slim design also makes it perfect for fixing stray hair and some frizz.

Since it has longer plates that are 5 inches, it can cover more hair for just a single grab. That is why you will be able to spend lesser time for hairstyling which can be 30-minutes or less, depending on the length of your hair of course.

Another good thing, it is not heavy and you will not get tired holding it up while fixing your hair.

It’s Titanium, Not Ceramic

Most flat irons have ceramic plates and some of them are actually metal coated ceramic plates. But for this hair straightener, it used titanium plates without any non-metallic coating.

Ceramic heaters tend to heat up more quickly and this will deliver diverse heat range resulting into uneven hair. Your hair will go from coarse to fine hair which doesn’t look nice. But with titanium, heat is distributed equally resulting into smoother hair.

Metal irons may result in more burned hair than ceramic iron. But titanium is even better because your hair will not be burned at all because of its negative ion technology and its far-infrared heat. This allows the hair straightener to give lock-in more moisture. The titanium plates also result into super-smooth hair.

It’s Downside

Of course, no matter how great a product is, there will always be a downside.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium is not for the forgetful because it doesn’t have an auto shut-off setting which means that if you failed to unplug it, it will stay on the whole time.

Because of its ultra-thin style, there is a gap between the plates which makes it hard for those with thin hair since they would need to press harder resulting in hand fatigue. The gaps cause painful snagging as one pulls through their hair. That is we recommend this for thick hair since it is difficult to press together for fine hair.

Sometimes, the outside of the iron becomes very hot. That is why you have to use Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove while hair styling to make sure you will protect your hands from accidental burns.

Due to the popularity of this product, there are many copycats. Hence, you have to be careful and get only those that are original. One way to determine that is look at the price. The original is always more expensive and the fake ones are lower in price.



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Uses Titanium Plate

Thin (1 3/4"), long (5") and lightweight

Also perfect for curling

Give long lasting results

Has far-infrared heat to keep hair's moisture

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No auto shut-off setting 

Gap makes it hard for users with fine hair

Outside of iron becomes hot

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Final Thoughts

You may ask, is this the best hair straightener? It actually depends on what you are looking for. But this could be the best flat iron for those with the unruliest hair and for those who are looking for a high heat flat iron.

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium is designed for thick, curly hair and not for fine hair that only needs a little smooth down. But for sure, those who have thick frizzy hair will find this as a top hair straightener because of the results it will give them which can be achieved in a lesser time.