Auburn Hair Color

4 Easy Ways to A Shiny and Long-lasting Auburn Hair Color

Believe it or not, those who are born with auburn hair need to maintain their hair regularly. Now, if your hair color is only slightly reddish, then regular maintenance may not be required. However, if you are a born redhead and want to preserve the auburn color of your hair then it is gonna take some work on your part. Theoretically speaking, only a small amount of the pheomelanin pigment should be enough to give you the much needed red tinge to your hair, but I am sure you are frustrated as that auburn hair color does not last long, right? Ordinary hairstylists could color your hair red, but its life span would only be as long as you don’t wash your hair with water. Well what I am going to tell you in this article is – how to maintain the auburn color of your hair.

The Sun Is Your Greatest Enemy

auburn hair color a2if you stay in the sun all day long then it won’t take much longer for the color of your hair to start leeching off. Yes, it is true that the ultra violet rays of the sun are the greatest enemy of a redhead. To combat this issue, you should not go out during midday, as midday sun radiates an excessive amount of UV rays and as such, are extremely harmful for your hair. If at all you need to go out in the sun at that time, consider covering your head with a hat or some other type of covering; you can also use specialized hair care products which protect your hair from sun’s ultra violet rays!





Stay Out Of Water As Well

auburn hair color ema stoneI wish you had hydrophobia! Just kidding. Actually water is another thing which can deplete the red color of your hair quickly. If you are a swimming freak, then you need to control your urges to jump into the pool for at least two weeks after you have your hair dyed auburn. An interesting thing to note here is that not all types of water are equally harmful; for instance, the pool water would have a negative effect on the auburn color of your hair because it contains chlorine; tab water is not as harmful, but I would still suggest that you don’t let chlorine water touch your hair at all for a couple of weeks. I am sure you can live with that. You got to make a little sacrifice honey – in order to be called a ‘sexy redhead’!

Use Henna to Make Your Hair Shiny

A little known fact is that henna is good for redheads. You would need to buy hair care products containing genuine henna though; ask your local chemist about hair care products with a very high concentration of henna. Whatever the cost might be, it is worth every penny you spend on it! Henna would nourish your hair fully and make your auburn hair look even shinier than before!

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