2015 Hair Color Trends for Women

2015 Hair Color Trends for Women


Are you bored of your dated hairstyle and are looking toward enhancing your hair to match the current hair style trends? In this article, I am going to tell you about some of the most gorgeous hair color trends you can choose from. Warning: only for the unconventional and bold women out there!


With that said, let me discuss the five hottest hair color trends for 2015 women!


#1 2015 Hair Color Trend – Balayage

There used to be a time when I found it difficult, if not impossible, to find a salon willing to do a Balayage for me. It was hard to get it done by then but times have changed so fast in these five years that now virtually any reputable salon are offering balayage. This is a great hair color for you especially if you are a blonde with a decent base and want the kind of hair that looks like it has been kissed by the sun! However, that does not mean it won’t work for non-blonde women as well! Balayage is a hair color which even hair stylists prefer (over foils) because it offers them a much wider scope and freedom about where to put the color at.


#2 2015 Hair Color Trend – Brunette

There was a time when people used to think of brunettes as ‘boring’ (I was never one of them, I swear). However, times have changed greatly ever since the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has hit the headlines. All of a sudden she’s made all women with brown-colored hair look sexier than ever! Now every woman out there wants to follow her and get their hair done in brown. Usually women who choose this hair color go for ‘brondes’ (a portmanteau word combining ‘brown’ and ‘blonde’) or ombre hair color. French brown is yet another option you can go for!

#3 2015 Hair Color Trend – Pastel

If you don’t like Balayage, get Pastel. Do you know what the popular ‘daring’ celebrities of our times like Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Carrie Underwood, Kate Bosworth and Pink have been using on their hair? Well duh, pastel hair color, of course! Now stop looking at them with burning jealousy and get a ‘baby blue’ or an ‘apricot’ done for your own hair quickly!


#4 2015 Hair Color Trend – Babylights

Models like Dominika Grnova and Karlie Kloss already flaunt it, so can you, if you have got a big wallet like them, that is! Do you regret losing that awesome “baby blonde hair color” that your hair used to have when you were a three-year old toddler? Well now it is possible to get your baby hair color back by getting your hair painted like fine, shining strands. Note that due to its cost as well as the long drawn process involved in getting a successful babylight done, not all salons offer it.

#5 2015 Hair Color Trend – Platinum

Increasingly, blonde women are willing to let go of their goldenshades in preference to the lighter, icy shades. Before you get all too pumped up about getting your hair platinum coated, do note that this is one hair style which may not look good on all blonde women, so consider consulting a hair stylist prior to getting it done. Also, it is damn expensive and you need to get it done for your hair regularly or else it would lose it’s luster!