2015 Hair Color Trends

2015 Hair Color Trends

No other hair color trend is capable of competing with the all natural hair color because of its exceptional beauty and touch of nature – no style beats nature; none! Natural hair colors are soft and they don’t irritate the eyes in any way. That said, natural hair colors have a way of announcing one’s inimitable tint in grand style. Regardless whether you are brunette, blonde, red or brown-haired, natural hair colors go well for every kind of hair. Are you thinking of opting for the latest Hair Color Trends? Then make it a priority to choose colors that are close to being natural.

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How to Go for the latest 2015 Hair Color Trends?

Hair color trends are currently defined according to how well they associate with shiny, healthy hair with relaxed glamour as well as well-groomed extra movement. Today, we see more colors used in clean and icy tones or pastel blondes, brilliant reds and cool browns. Although everything boils down to personal preference but note that people hardly use red brown anymore. However, you don’t have to become a slave to style and fashion. Here are ideas that can help you in incorporating the latest hair color trends into your regular style:

Double-Sided Coloring

This type of hair coloring requires you to choose a darker color underneath than the normal (e.g chocolate), while the top region of the hair can have lighter shades of bronze or copper. It is a good practice to go for an appropriate dark color because it frames the face of an individual quite alright and if the person decides to go for curls and flicks while styling the hair, the dark color will have contrast against light ones. However, when the hair gets straightened, the main color will shift to the lighter one. Exactly this type of hair color trend is what is best for people on the lookout for exclusive variety. Color combinations such as golden syrup, honeycomb and coffee make for a layered and subtle effect.

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Hair Color Trends For Brunettes

Brunettes who prefer to flaunt their chocolate browns have a great choice of golden highlights as it helps in breaking the chocolate block unless the skin and face color are in good communion with the density of the richly dark color. This hair color trend defines the hairstyle of an individual so well and it is very easy to feature it on oneself. Instead of straight black, people who are fond of dark colors can choose to go for brown-black or mix some brown-black into black-blue for more color intensity. Note that it is not a good practice to use solid black color as it does not flatter many skin tones. You can as well try mixing some pin-red foils and caramel with violet brown-black background. If it is used in creatively, then the overall look can retain its mysterious and dark property.

Ask yourself first…

  • Should I do it all by myself? – The outcome of your hair coloring process depends a lot on whether you are going to have this done by yourself. There are risks involved in doing it yourself anyway so it’s best you give the job to a professional hair stylist.
  • How much do I want to pay? – There are lots of hair color products available in the market. We have chosen the best ones for you here however (check out our store). These products come in different prices but basically, you get what you pay for.
  • Will it damage my hair? – With so many people attempting to make alignments with hair color trends, note that it is not recommended to do this too often or overdo it. Also, you risk damaging your hair if you are not equipped with the required knowledge to add some tint to it.
  • Will the color be well-saturated if I do it myself? – This depends! The real question is: have you successfully done this before? You really cannot know until you’re done with one and have achieved results. Uneven color saturation will look ridiculous and not only that, will eventually require the work of an expert stylist to get it fixed.
  • Can I match the color I want? – If you already have color in your hair, this could be tough for you. It seems more difficult to predict the outcome when there’s color in your hair already. You can do your homework on the internet and see what colors are good to be mixed together. You can match the color you want actually but be careful. Seek professional advice in that regard!
  • Will my new hair look good? – Have you seen your friends rock the latest hair color trends? How does it look on you? In this case, you are the best stylist. You have the choice to put your hair in whatever shape you desire and spice it up as you wish. However, we recommend again that you see professional hair stylists as they have experience with various hair styles and colors.

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How to Make the Choice of the Best Hair Color Trends?

It is essential to determine whether you want a cool shade or a warm shade whenever you try to make the choice of the latest Hair Color Trends. Also it is important to note the amount of hair color that will be going into your head. The effect you want your hair to create as well as the dominant tone or shades that will match your hair are to be carefully considered in this regard. Irrespective of your hair color, whether black, brown, blonde or red, try keeping warm hair color tones together. Different tones can be mixed together but the choice is actually dependent on your skin color, the method of applying the colors and the amount of color being used on the hair. Hair color trends continue to change overtime but it is not always good to go for a change in hair color as the trend changes in order to avoid deterioration of hair quality.