Shades Of Red Hair

2 Great Ideas For Women Who Want To Go For Shades Of Red Hair

If you are looking for shades of red hair color then you would be spoiled for choice for sure as there are many different shades of red hair color available in the market; in fact, that is all the more true of the current fashion trend. You can go natural red, select strawberry red, run for auburn or pick up mahogany hair color for yourself: any way you go, you are going for a cool looking shade of red hair color which is gonna enhance your beauty several times further! In this article I am going to tell you more about the different shades of red hair color available to you so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

shades of red hair 1

Which woman does not marvel at the sheer beauty of these colors and wishes that she could get one of these color for her own hair: auburn, strawberry red, mahogany, cherry, chili chocolate, red wine, etc.? I don’t know of anybody who would not want to try one of these shades at least once in their lifetime and look as gorgeous as the likes of Rihanna and Ashlee Simpson.

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If you happen to not like any of these broad shades of red hair color, there is no need to panic; there are more finer shades of red hair color available than you can imagine!

Red Tints And Streaks

If you are merely looking forward to experimenting with the red hair color and are not sure about which one would suit your hair and skin tone best, then using tints is the best choice for you. Unfortunately, this option won’t work for you if your chosen red hair shade is of a darker hue than your natural hair color. In other words, you need to find shades which are lighter than your natural hair color so as to make your hair look ravishing after going through the tinting process.

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Likewise, using streaks is another option you have to make sure which shade of red hair would suit you the best. Note that a red tint or a red streak won’t look as good and bright as the hair which is fully dyed with red hair color but then again, people who look for tints and streaks are not looking to making permanent, long lasting, flamboyant changes to their hair anyway!

Choosing The Right Shade Of Red Hair For Your Needs

There are so many options available when it comes to shades of red hair that making one perfect choice can be tough. If you are a fair-skinned blonde then you would be good to go with either light copper red or reddish blonde red hair colors.

shades of red hair 3

Dark red and mahogany shades, on the other hand, are ideal for those women whose skin tone is olive and are blessed with dark brown hair. If the natural color of your hair is extremely dark such as black then I would highly suggest opting for either cherry red or black red shades. Women with peachy, yellowish or golden complexions should choose warm shades of red hair colors such as copper, reddish gold, copper beach, etc.

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