Dark Red Hair Color

8 Hot And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas For You

So you want to get your hair dyed with the dark red hair color but are afraid that your skin is not “fair enough” for it? Fear not, because the fact remains that it is not just fair people who look good on dark red hair color. Dark red hair color can be used by women of several different complexions. In fact, in this article I am going to tell you about the several different varied dark red hair colors available for a wide variety of skin tones!

Vibrant orange-red

If you have got the envious fair skin tone of Christina Hendricks, then this is a great color choice for you. Women who are blessed with porcelain skin tones and want their hair to stand out should ideally go for this color because the contrast it creates between the light color of the skin and the relatively darker hue of the hair is just strikingly beautiful!

dark red hair color1

The paler your skin tone is, the brighter your face would be and the more your hair would stand out! This is however, not for those women who keep their hair long; vibrant orange-red is the kind of dark red hair color which goes best with short hairstyles. If you have long hair and still go for this dye then your hair would attract people rather than your face!

Medium auburn

If you have the natural looking, Celtic, fair skin like the Irish people, then medium auburn is a great color choice for you! This is the kind of color which looks great on women blessed with skin tones that are cool or neutral; in other worse, if your skin does not have any of the following color undertones you can pretty much go for any kind of dark red hair color including medium auburn: yellow, pink, or olive.

dark red hair color2

To maintain the brightness and freshness of this hair color, you should gloss it regularly; you can either do it yourself or get your hair glossed by your hair stylist!

Copper brown

This is one dark red color that a lot of women seem to go for, thanks to Amy Adams. There is a reason why, after experimenting with about a dozen different red hair colors, Adams has stuck with brownish copper hair color: it goes well with the tone of her skin and the color of her eyes.

dark red hair color3

It is great for any woman whose skin undertone is of olive color; women of this skin tone should not go for any hair color which is either too soft or orange-looking because such colors would end up conflicting with the olive skin undertone, making the person look paler than she is! In short, if you want to maintain the neutrality and naturalness of your look then copper brown dark red hair color is the answer!

Bright copper

For women with medium skin tones, bright copper is an ideal dark red hair color. To be honest, if you go for this dark red hair color option, your hair would look best when you use highlights coupled with some really shiny glossing; also when dyeing your hair you should dye the lower portion of your hair with a lighter shade and color the upper portion, especially the roots of your hair with a darker shade.

dark red hair color4
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This ensures that your hair dye does not look fake and blends well with your skin tone, making it look all natural and vibrant; on the other hand, the contrast presented by the skin tone and the hair color lightens up the other beautiful features of your face rather than getting overshadowed by your hair!

Soft ginger

This is not so much a dark red hair color as it is a beautiful red hair color, which is why I am including it in this article. If you have got the same skin tone as the beautiful Emma Stone: that is, a fair skin with yellow undertones, then you can go for soft ginger hair color without any regrets.

dark red hair color5
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In fact, if you have a peachy skin tone then your cream colored skin would lighten up with soft ginger hair color; in fact, the softer color you choose the better; if you go for a color that is too dark red then you may end up looking blanched!

Golden red

If your skin tone is either medium or fair, and has undertones of golden olive color, then golden red is a great dark red hair color that would suit your skin tone well.

dark red hair color6

Women who fall in this category should ideally shy away from soft colors such as crimson or scarlet and go for darker hues like copper red or golden red.

Copper highlights

Here is another dark red hair color option for those women who have medium skin undertones like Eva Longoria. In fact, if you have got dark olive skin undertones like Eva and still want to go for dark red hair color, you would be better off using highlights rather than making permanent changes to your hair.

dark red hair color7
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Next time you visit your salon, ask the stylist to color your hair with a golden chestnut hair color and use copper red highlights through the whole of it. You are gonna like the finished look which oozes naturalness and subtlety, not to mention beauty!


For those who have even darker skin tones, they should not be disappointed. Do you want to look like Rihanna? Then read what I have got to tell you: remember that women with dark skin tones look really well with the blue red dark red hair color.

dark red hair color8

In fact, the darker your skin tone is, the darker you should go with this color! If you use cool or neutral colors like warm red or range it would look like a faux pas given your skin tone.

In order to reduce the garishness of your look, you will want to use darker shades only at the roots of your hair and follow the rest of your hair with lighter shades. If you still don’t like blue-red, you have got other options such as wine red, purple red, berry red, etc.

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